Here are the supporting materials for Episode 26 'A Good Fit: Health at Every Size and Dietetics'


My PhD thesis is about the suitability of approaches that endorse health-focussed size acceptance – like Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating- in one on one nutrition and dietetics counselling. Here's a wrap up of what I wanted to find out, how I went about it, and what I found. 


Learning goals:

  • Appreciate the scope of PhD research in terms of project size and design
  • Develop an understanding of how a HAES framework relates to dietetic practice
  • Identify key components in health-oriented size acceptance approaches and their relationship with key HAES outcome measures


This download includes:

- Learning outcomes

- Links to key articles

- Further reading

- Summary information

- Self-Test Quiz (with answers!)

Episode 26 Supporting Materials

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