Here are the supporting materials for Episode 29 'The Deal With Weight Loss Drugs: Big Pharma, Physiology And The Hard Sell’


This episode takes a look at the current weight loss drugs on the market (AKA 'Fat Shat', 'Brain Zap', Zombie Speed', 'Narcotics R Us' and 'Expensive Diabetes'), the way they function, side effects and long term outcomes as well as the wheeling and dealing that takes place behind the scenes by ‘Obesity Inc’ in the approval and promotion of these drugs.


Learning goals:

  • Understand the effects of the main weight loss drugs prescribed in developed nations
  • Identify the short and long term risks of key weight loss drugs
  • Appreciate the strategies used to promote weight loss drugs around the world and the organisations that pay to keep 'obesity' in the news


This download includes:

- Learning outcomes

- Links to key articles

- Further reading

- Summary information

- Self-Test Quiz (with answers!)

Episode 29 Supporting Materials

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