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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 5, 2018

February 5, 2018

January 29 - February 4, 2018


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Articles and Blogs

 What therapy taught be about disordered eating

by Cara Peterson


“There is immense complexity to the issue of an eating disorder. Keep this in mind and be gentle with those struggling with this issue, whether it be someone you know or yourself.”

Does medicine overemphasise IQ?

by Ezekiel Emanuel and Emily Gudbranson


“If medicine hopes to identify and train a phenomenal next generation of caring, effective physicians who can lead multidisciplinary teams and induce patient behavior change, the medical profession must start by recognizing the importance of EQ."

“Success” and Stomach Amputation

by Ragen Chastain


"Thin people are not required to get a surgery that risks their lives and forces them to engage in behaviors that approximate an eating disorder just to get basic healthcare. Fat people shouldn’t either. “

To those who want your fat family member to lose weight

by Your Fat Friend


“Did you think of my life as something on hold, an understudy reading lines until my thinner self came along to star in the real show? ...Had I misread your warmth as love? Had it been tinged with pity all these years?”

Your Nutrition Advice Won't Help if It's Not Culturally Sensitive

by Christine Byrne


"Seven registered dietitians of various cultural & ethnic backgrounds [were asked] about the intersection of food & culture, why diversity in the nutrition field is so important, & how they work to give culturally sensitive nutrition advice.”

What happens when food just doesn’t interest you anymore?

by Sarah Vance


"[losing interest in previously loved foods] is a sign that you are leaving diet culture behind and spending more time doing more interesting things in your life.”