HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 21, 2018

May 20 - 26, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Why Self-Compassion Beats Self-Confidence

by Kristin Wong

“While self-confidence makes you feel better about your abilities, it can also lead you to vastly overestimate those abilities.”


My Life as a Public Health Crisis

by Harmony Cox

“Growing up here never made me question my family’s love, but it did make me aware of the tension between what we were “supposed” to eat and what was actually available to us.”


My disability is what makes me superhuman

by Brandon Cook

“what causes disability isn’t physical difference or even punk kids – it’s a disabling environment.”


Choice calls out supplement claims

by Sheshtyn Paola

“From claiming to help with heart function to providing anxiety relief, people stand to be tricked into thinking these products will help with a medical condition.”


Is Fat a Fetish?

by Your Fat Friend

“when fetishism is brought up with respect to fat attractions, it always seems to bring a cloud over the conversation. Everything darkens. Fetishism becomes an indictment of both the body and its beholder.”


Choosing recovery when no one gives an rip

by Angie Viets

“what others preach as good—especially in the realm of nutrition—in no way means that it is actually good for YOU. Let’s be honest, it’s probably a terrible idea for them too, but they are responsible for them, and you are always responsible for you.”


Some Women Never Go Back To Their Pre-Pregnancy Weight, And That's A Fact

by Zongile Nhlapo

“The pressure on women to snap back to their pre-pregnant bodies after pregnancy is real, yet a fact that's not largely spoken about is that some women never go back to their pre-pregnancy weight, even if it may seem like a breeze for others.”


The art of the alarmist food documentary

by Annaliese Griffin

“No matter what type of diet you can dream up...there seems to be a documentary touting the benefits of eating in the extreme. Watch enough of them and you’ll discover that there’s a fairly simple formula for success.”


Getting beach body ready

by Alex Conason

“We need to put the blame where it belongs: on diet culture, not your body. We have been conditioned to think our bodies MUST look a certain way to do certain activities, but this just isn’t true!”


Two towns are 48kms apart. One has twice as much tooth decay

by Julie Power

“For 40 years, dental therapist Jennifer James has had the "unique experience" of treating children in Bathurst, which has fluoride in its water, and 48 kilometres away in Oberon, which doesn't.”


Poor lose doctors as wealthy gain them, new figures reveal

by Denis Campbell

“people in the wealthiest areas [of England] have benefited from an even better service... [while] vulnerable people are having to suffer in silence without being able to see a GP.”


Vegan YouTube Stars Are Held to Impossible Standards

by Jordan Bissell

“There are so many opinions about the right way to be vegan that anyone who posts meals online almost inevitably receives some amount of backlash.”


Dear Fat Woman On Vacation

by Levana Slabodnick

“But, my sister, when I looked at you on the stage that night, before your humiliation, I saw that you were no longer a shrinking violet. I saw a woman who made a decision to take up as much space as she needed.”


Dead Girl Walking...