HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 23, 2018

June 3 - 9, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

On the Poetics of Fatness
by Samantha Zighelboim

“Before body positivity was widely discussed, it was inconceivable to me that a fat body could be celebrated rather than reduced and invalidated.”
Teen Vogue’s Problematic Summer Vagina
by Jen Gunter

“Women, especially teens, don’t need the idea planted that vaginas are temperamental or funky and that during the summer things can go horribly wrong. Vaginal neglect is not a thing.”
The science behind our obsession with food on TV
by Nick Adams

“colour of plates, utensils, lighting & the food itself are important in food presentation because colours ‘interact’...marketers are well-aware of this & other visual factors that impact food consumption & perception through decades of market research.”
Trendy diets ‘cause eating disorders’, says expert
by Jill Poulsen

Nice to see ‘Fat is a feminist issue’ and ‘If not dieting, then what?’ in her book pile!

Pity that one of the experts interviewed seems to think that calorie counting can be anything other than problematic.
Eating disorders are hard to overcome, but ditching diets is crucial
by Catherine Gillespie
“The most important action that a person can take to recover from eating disorders is to stop dieting. Weight loss dieting is the number one cause of eating disorders, binge eating, body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem.”
Is Weight Suppression Driving Your Binge Eating?
by Lauren Muhlheim

“Successful treatment for your eating disorder may mean reaching & living at a weight higher than you want....[but] You can be healthy, feel good in & about your body, and enjoy normal eating without forcing your body to fit into a shape that isn't yours.”
Best Body Positive Podcasts
by Meredith Noble

“These podcasts cover topics such as Health at Every Size (HAES), body positivity, fat positivity, fat acceptance, intuitive eating, and joyful movement.”​
Intuitive Eating Is More Than Savoring Every Bite
by Lisa Rutledge
“foods no longer hold such power or are so dearly desired when we keep the option to eat them open.”
On Seeing A Photo Of Yourself And Not Liking How You Look.
by Kylie Mitchell

“you...deserve to have a positive opinion of yourself that does not change when you see a photo of yourself. Seeing yourself in a photo or in the mirror & mainly only seeing your body size is likely a sign your body size is over-identified as who you are.”

Trans Men Hit a Dangerous Wall In the Pursuit of The Ideal Body


“the pressure some cis men feel to develop muscles for aesthetic value translates into aesthetics and safety for trans men.”

CW: disclosure of eating disorder behaviors


Jenny Craig pays penalty for “10kg for $10” ads

via the ACCC

“Jenny Craig also failed to disclose that a person featured in an online testimonial video for its services was a Jenny Craig employee.”

‘Misleading’ is the commercial weight loss industry’s MO.


The fat and the furious: will Dietland change the world for fat women?

by Phoebe-Jane Boyd

“To see Plum on screen finding her anger, and finally starting to live, feels revolutionary. She doesn’t serve as a lesson for other characters before disappearing in time for the next episode, and we are not invited to look at her with pity or [cruelty]”​


Canadian health care is telling us you can only be healthy if you're white and middle class

by Sarah Krichel

“By looking only at privileged populations for health education, we created a social hierarchy that says some know better ways of engaging with food than others.”


An open letter to Jamie Oliver

by Laura Thomas, Sarah Dempster, Helen West and Rosie Saunt.

“When we contemplate what is meant by health, we cannot talk about physical health in isolation, and must also consider a child’s relationship with food and with their body in the conversation.”​


When Brands Use Plus-Size Models and Don’t Make Plus-Size Clothes

by Lauren Downing Peters