HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 33, 2018

August 12 - 16, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Can Television Destroy Diet Culture?
by Sophie Gilbert

“If Dietland is symbolic of larger body-positivity movements outside the show, a timely reminder of how popular culture has always treated larger bodies”
The benefits of banishing bad body talk
by Evelyn Lewin

“Every time you read or see something that makes you feel bad about your body, remove the source and replace it with one that makes you feel good. The more diverse images of bodies we see, the better equipped we are to love and accept our own bodies”
What is Diet Culture?​
by Christy Harrison

“What exactly is diet culture? It's a term that gets thrown around in anti-diet spaces without a lot of unpacking, but it's incredibly important to understand so that we can recognize how it's showing up in our lives and fight back.”

Comedian Hannah Gadsby Is Going To Make You A Better Leader​

by Dolly Chugh

“One of the most supportive things we can do for someone is to bear witness to their pain, even when we can not take it away”


A Sociologist Examines The “White Fragility” That Prevents White Americans from Confronting Racism

by Katy Waldman

“White people cling to the notion of racial innocence, a form of weaponized denial that positions black people as the “havers” of race and the guardians of racial knowledge. Whiteness, on the other hand, scans as invisible, default, a form of racelessness”


Sen. Deborah O’Neill: ‘When it comes to body image, there’s something we need to address.’​

by Deborah O'Neill

“It is imperative that we have people in power who know and understand these complex issues, and will fight to improve these environments so young people, and, indeed, all Australians can flourish and feel body-positive.”


I Used to Be a Wellness Influencer. Now I'm an Alternative Medicine Skeptic​

by Denby Royal

“My world crumbled like a piece of raw gluten-free paleo cheesecake. It started to sink in: Where there was a morsel of convincing medical info blended with enough compelling nonsense & communicated with enough conviction, I believed it, hook, line, & sinker.”


As a fat, pregnant woman, I refuse to panic about my baby’s health

by Nanna Árnadóttir

“It’s true that...there was an increased risk...The rate of birth defects in women who weren’t overweight was 3.4%. The rate for overweight pregnant women? It was 3.5%. So, we’re talking about an increased rate of 0.1%. I mean, come on.”


Marketing ‘childhood obesity’ and ‘health’​

by Darren Powell

“Academics & advocates need to continue to search for means to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions that ‘fat is bad’ & ‘healthy marketing is good’ for all children. We need to pay closer attention to how advertising–all advertising–may be ‘dangerous’”


My Journey to Becoming a Non-Diet Dietitian​

by Alissa Rumsey

“Many of the concepts behind Intuitive Eating and HAES were the opposite of what I was taught in school and what I had spent nine years teaching people. After being a dietitian for almost 10 years, I felt like I was starting all over again.”


Worshiping the False Idols of Wellness​

by Jen Gunter

“Wellness used to mean a blend of health and happiness. Something that made you feel good or brought joy and was not medically harmful — perhaps a massage or a walk along the beach. But it has become a false antidote to the fear of modern life and death.”


Too many Australians have to choose between heating or eating this winter

by Rebecca Lindberg & Liza Barbour

“Food costs should, ideally, make up less than 20-25% of a household income. Yet low income households must spend between 30-48% of their income to access nutritious food.”


Virgie Tovar’s New Book, "You Have The Right To Remain Fat," Has Arrived To Blow Your Mind​

by Joni Edelman

“This is not a book you want; it's a book you need.”


How Much Should You Exercise To Manage Your Mental Health?

by Kimberly Truong

“While exercise isn't the "full solution" for any mental health problems, it's definitely an important tool for your health — and you don't have to do anything intensive like a bootcamp for it to "work."”


A huge clinical trial collapses, and research on alcohol remains befuddling

by Joel Achenbach