HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 20, 2019

May 18 - May 23, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

No Fluffy Self-Love: Sonalee Rashatwar is returning body positivity to its political roots

by Melissa A. Fabello

"I want the message to shift the way that we value bodies [and how] we understand capitalism, white supremacy, and colonialism as the influence of these ideas.”


Your trainer doesn't have to look like a fitness model to be good at their job

by Kimberly Gillan

“Being physically active is healthy for people of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes [so] trainers should be as diverse as the communities we serve”

Note: whoever picked the images to go with this story clearly didn’t read it first!


3 Reasons To Throw Away Your Scale

by Meghan Kacmarcik

"one of the first questions I ask people during their initial assessments - “do you own a scale? What do you do with that information?” Because I find that oftentimes, the scale plays a pretty significant role in a person’s eating disorder or as a trigger for disordered behaviors.”


Calling BS on "burnout" & getting real on ethical, client-centered Dietetic practice

by Fiona Sutherland

“Attention dietitians: "we’re often not able to care in a way that centres the needs of our clients. Not only that, but the very ethics and values which have brought us into this profession (ie doing what’s right, or best) are being sidelined in favour of doing what is expected of us."


The Biggest Loser is coming back—but should it?

By Andy Dehnart

“The show is changing to focus on “wellness,” but that doesn’t change the evidence now shows that extreme diets and exercise don’t work.”


5 Ways to Lie with Charts

by Becca Cudmore

“In the right (or wrong) hands, bar graphs and pie charts can become powerful agents of deception, tricking you into inferring trends that don’t exist, mistaking less for more, and missing alarming facts.”


How to Explain Intuitive Eating to a Friend

by Brenna O'Malley

“By clearly setting the boundary and expressing how the phrases or comments are hurtful to you, you’ve set up a more healthful environment for yourself.”


Naming The Villain: A Strategy To Promote Body Acceptance

by Nina Mills

"It is time to get angry at the culture that doesn’t allow you to live peacefully in your body, rather than get angry at yourself.”


Redefining the ballet body

by Catherine Wells

“There is no such thing as a “dancer’s body.” There is no such thing as a “real body”. All bodies are real. If you dance, you have a dancer’s body.”


How to stay zen when your child has an eating disorder

by Ginny Jones

"Eating disorders are based on a complex ecosystem of factors that come together. This ecosystem needs to be healed in as many ways as possible to ensure a full recovery for your child.”


Eating Disorders in Transgender People

by Lauren Muhlheim

“The body discomfort of transgender people with eating disorders is complex and may not be successfully addressed by the same body image interventions designed with cisgender patients in mind. These interventions that focus on accepting aspects of their body may be experienced as invalidating.”


Tomorrow The Definition of The Kilogram Will Change Forever. Here's What That Really Means

by Michelle Starr

“Finally, 130 years after it was established, the kilogram as we know it is about to be retired. But it’s not the end: tomorrow, 20 May 2019, a new definition will be put in place - one that’s far more accurate than anything we’ve had until now.”


Does Plan B Really Not Work for Women Over a Certain Weight?

by Shannon Palus

“If you’re over 175 pounds or have a BMI greater than 25, and sperm factors into your sex life, it is probably smart to factor Plan B’s possible lowered effectiveness into your decision-making about contraception, particularly whether to use another form of birth control that might eliminate the need for emergency contraception altogether.”


Don’t tell me to be positive... when I’ve got cancer

by Sophie Sabbage

“inside our fear we can find what we’re willing to fight for. Inside our rage we can find what we stand for. Inside our despair we can find what we long for. There is no flow without ebb.”