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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 25, 2019

June 21 - June 27, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Study Ties Some Dietary Supplements to Medical Harms in Children, Young Adults

by S. Bryn Austin

"on the U.S. market now, all but one of the over-the-counter pills or powders promising weight loss to consumers are marketed as dietary supplements. At the same time, no reputable physicians recommend that people use these products to lose or maintain weight. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics came out with a report a couple of years ago making clear that providers should discourage youth from ever using these products, regardless of their weight. We don’t sell tobacco to kids. So why sell them diet pills?”


Ali Stroker on Winning the Tony: ‘I Was Meant to Be in This Seat’

by Michael Paulson

“So many times, our society is taught, ‘Don’t look, don’t stare and don’t ask — that would be rude,’...As an artist, I’m saying, ‘Look at me now. Look at my body. Look how I move my chair.’ I’m asking, and that makes me feel my most powerful self.”


For women’s sake, let’s screen for depression as part of the new heart health checks

by Adrienne O'Neil

"Another common issue in young women that influences heart disease risk is poor mental health.”

I’ve got some ideas about how the mental health of women can be supported.....


Your fat friends need you as an ally. This is how you can be one

by Chloe Papas

"Are you prepared to put in the work to examine your biases and call out others?Fat activists can fight, and write, and be visible, and advocate for ourselves and others. But we can’t create genuine societal change alone.”


Why Diet Culture Is Toxic — Even for People Who Don’t Diet

By Laura Munoz

“Natural thinness, it turns out, is just the luck of the draw."


Shops full of vitamins, miracle pills 'trashing pharmacists' reputation'

by Liam Mannix

"For the possible short-term gain of supplement sales, we are risking our status as a profession”


What is a “Pride Body”?

by Jeffry J. Iovannone

“Dieting for Pride is not only a function of diet culture, but also of rainbow capitalism.”


I'm Not Lucky to Have Difficulty Gaining Weight

by Bradley Dell

"It was demoralizing in ways incomprehensible unless you've experienced the same. That's the thing about appetite loss. There's the misconception that it always means a person doesn't want to eat. But, I desperately wanted to eat. I just … couldn't. My taste buds and stomach didn't connect with my brain."

CW: calories and calorie goals mentioned in context of managing nourishment and appetite with Cystic Fibrosis


Why do people have so many opinions about my boobs?

by Virgie Tovar

“boobs kind of live a private and public life. Like, they might mean one thing to me when I’m all alone in my house, but the minute I’m on the street they kind of become part of a scene."


It's 'Lazy Medicine' When Doctors Blame Everything on Your Weight

by Elizabeth Pidgeon

"I’m fat. It’s nothing new to me to go to the doctor and be told that all of my ailments could be cured by losing weight. I classify this as “lazy medicine” because in reality, many health problems are not caused by being overweight."


Unpacking Weight Science Podcast

How about bite-sized podcasts that you can claim as professional development?!?

I've designed the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast to suit health professionals, health science students and anyone who wants to know more about human body weight, health outcomes, interpreting weight related research and the far ranging effects of weight bias.

The 20-30 minute monthly podcasts unpack different elements of weight bias & stigma, weight research, BMI, health behaviours and weight neutral approaches. Paid subscribers (only $5/month!) get instant access to the previous 15 episodes plus full show notes, reference list, self-test quiz and resource materials for use in practice. This equates to an hour of professional development activity each month :-)

Available for subscribers now is:

'Starving in the Intensive Care Unit'

Ep 24: People of all sizes end up in intensive care, with their life hanging in the balance. Without modern medicine they’d be dead already. Despite this cutting edge of science setting, larger patients are often arbitrarily underfed. This episode discusses why this is, what the implications for larger patients are, and what we can do about it.

and instantly access 18 episodes before the rest of the world!

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