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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 31, 2019

August 2 - August 8, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Why I Regret my Weight Loss Surgery

by Becky Barnes

"these fat women loved themselves, or at the very least lived unapologetically. They had blogs full of pictures of them enjoying fashion and living life to the absolute fullest. A wave of positivity began to sweep over me. I could feel my mindset changing; I wanted to get involved and feel part of this wonderful community. A community that didn’t judge me on my size. A community that told me I was good enough.”

CN: account of severe body disparagement prior to finding self acceptance


The Demystification of the Postpartum Female Body

by Ashley Fetters

"You have Instagram, you have Facebook, you have this idealized version [of new motherhood]” getting publicized and shared on social media...I bet if you searched a million images of new babies and new mothers, you’d get only one image that focuses on swollen ankles...Which can unrealistic expectations and discomfort with sharing the less adorable realities of new parenthood.”


BMI modifier for surgeons nothing more than a 'fat tax'

by Cynara Geissler, Layla Cameron, Katrina Molson and Calla Evans

“For fat and thin bodies alike, unforeseen complications may arise. Additionally, some physical characteristics may make it more difficult to insert a needle, and varying degrees of mobility or one’s age may impact the amount of time it takes to situate a patient on an operating table.

As there is no ‘difficulty tax’ applied to other bodies, this reveals the underlying fat stigma of this policy."


'If I see another ad for "shapewear" I'll scream'

by Jane de Graaff

"Honestly, it’s hard to love those soft bits when we keep being told to get them under ‘control’. So, I’m going home to throw my spanx in the bin, because the revolution has just begun, and I refuse to be ‘controlled’ by anyone. And I happen to think those ‘out of control’ soft bits are beautiful.”

CN: author has non-stigmatized body shape


Valley woman conquers Kilimanjaro with body-positive Curvy Kili Crew

by Miasha Lee

"Part of our message is that you can climb the tallest freestanding mountain in any body you have as long as you’ve trained and prepared yourself properly...We shouldn’t wait until we have a certain kind of body to do anything in this world.”


Is Body Positivity for All Bodies?

By Alexis Conason

“While body positivity benefits all bodies, it is truly for marginalized bodies, the bodies that need the safety and acceptance that true body-positive spaces provide.”


Who’s Considered Thin Enough for Eating Disorder Treatment?

by Virginia Sole-Smith

"when a person does not get adequate nutrition regularly, they’ll experience changes in their concentration, memory, fear response, and cognitive flexibility.” This last part is crucial: Starving your brain makes your thinking more rigid. So the obsessive, intrusive thoughts that are an eating disorder’s calling card become even more powerful.”

CN: includes account of eating disorder behaviours


You Can’t Sweets Your Way Into Diabetes

by Alysse Dalessandro

“One cupcake won’t give you diabetes and joking that it will is dangerous on two levels: It creates misinformation about this disease and furthers the stigma that acquiring diabetes is something one has control over.”


When Thin People Hurt Fat People Out of Love

by Your Fat Friend

"she reverts back to the comfort of judgment, shielded by the comfortable and seemingly impenetrable fortress of concern. Her bigotry, she tells herself, is for my own good. And god help me, I think she believes it.”


Anorexia knows no body type — and thinking otherwise can be a barrier to treatment

by Carrie Dennett

“When we look at things that are hallmarks of malnutrition, we’re seeing that [at all weights]“


The Calorie Myth

by Matthew MacDonald

"The calorie was created as a convenient unit for measuring thermal energy (in other words, heat).”

CN: includes the calorie values for a few foods to demonstrate concepts


Unpacking Weight Science Podcast

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