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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 35, 2019

September 6 - September 12, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

What is intuitive eating, and how do you do it?

by Carrie Dennett

“the radical desire to eat [foods that you might have restricted when you were dieting] will eventually lessen, even though the pendulum swing from restriction to freedom is going to feel wild and chaotic at first"


For Healthy Kids, Skip the Kurbo App

by Ragen Chastain

“Dieting to a weight goal was found to be related to poorer dietary quality, poorer mental health and poorer quality of life when compared with people who were health conscious but not weight conscious”

(I got quoted 😁😁)


Positive Childhood Experiences May Buffer Against Health Effects Of Adverse Ones

by Selena Simmons-Duffin

“We were especially curious to learn whether adults with multiple negative childhood experiences were less likely to have the problems associated with having [them] if they also reported having had more positive experiences.”


1 in 3 say low body confidence negatively affects mental health – what can be done?

by Better

"A low level of body confidence has been found to have a significant impact on important aspects of everyday life such as mental health, love life, social life and event career progression, according to new research”


6 Ways to Practice Body Positivity, Even If It Doesn’t Come Naturally

by PureWow

Better headline for this would be “6 ways to support a more positive attitude towards your own body”