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Take a deep dive with a comprehensive course

The research about human body weight is mountainous. Most people accept unquestioningly that weight and health are closely linked. The assumption that increased weight causes poor health outcomes is widespread in medical and cultural discourse but the reality is much more interesting. This course will help you to learn how to 'unpack' weight related research, be it weight loss intervention research, 'obesity' research, or population-wide epidemiological studies, in order to interpret and discuss findings for their actual value, while weeding out weight biased rhetoric. Also covered is an overview of weight neutral interventions which incorporate health promoting behaviours, enhanced body image and self acceptance.


Learning units:

  • Unpacking Energy Balance

  • Unpacking BMI: Health, Risk and Disease

  • Unpacking Intentional Weight Loss Efforts

  • Unpacking Weight Stigma

  • Health Supporting Behaviours

  • Size Inclusive Approaches


This course is self-paced and should take approximately 20 hours to complete. It is suitable for all healthcare providers and health researchers. The learning content consists of videos and written materials. The assessment tasks include quizzes to check your understanding of important concepts and reflective tasks to consolidate your learning. Upon successful completion of the assessment tasks you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. Please note: this course is for educational purposes only and is designed to enhance your skills in human weight-related research appraisal. It is not a clinical intervention program.

Cost: $250AUD


This course is currently being receiving a deep update and expansion. The original version is now available for $99AUD on the Teachable learning platform. If you enrol in the original version, your course fee will be credited towards the new version when it is released, along with a generous discount. To enrol, click on the link below.

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