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The Unpacking Weight Science Podcast has two parts: the audio podcast, and the Supporting Materials. 

For instant access to all the podcast episodes, join the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast Patreon. Members also get first-looks, extras and freebies. Only $5 to join and $5 in months with new content. No new content, no fee!

Selected podcast episodes are available to the public on Apple PodcastsYouTube, Spotify and other podcast apps. Search your favourite podcast app for 'Unpacking Weight Science'

To turn episodes into formal professional development activities, purchase the supporting materials as PDFs (bundled below) or complete the Pod Course on Teachable and receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Happy listening!

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Stuck in a Weight-Centric Operating System

Why is it that everyone seems to be pushing a weight-centric agenda? Weight centrism is a cultural norm, medical behemoth, and capitalist bonanza. This podcast delves into the forces that bind us externally and internally, to weight centrism.

Episode 2: Demystifying Definitions, De-myth-defying Assumptions

This episode discusses the two main myths that perpetuate weight loss encouragement as well as the terms, weight centric, weight neutral, lifestyle intervention and concern troll. 

Episode 3: How We Got Here: BMI Meets Death

A history of the development of the BMI (including how 'obesity' ended up on child growth charts), how we discovered there was a relationship with weight and death,  and how a few powerful men gifted us the weight-centrism we have today. 

Episode 4: Weight Bias, Stigma and Discrimination