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Episode 1: Stuck in a Weight-Centric Operating System


Why is it that everyone seems to be pushing a weight-centric agenda? Weight centrism is a cultural norm, medical behemoth, and capitalist bonanza. This podcast delves into the forces that bind us externally and internally, to weight centrism.


In this PDF file:

Supporting materials (further reading, commentary and self-test quiz) and podcast link for Episodes 1 of the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast.


Each episode runs for 20-30 minutes and when used with these supporting materials is designed to provide at least 1 hour of professional development activities for health, medical, counselling and fitness professionals.


Note: This podcast is already free to listen to but some podcast episodes will require a subscription to the Unpacking Weight Science Patreon page ($5/month to access the whole podcast catalogue).

TRY FOR FREE!! Episode 1 Supporting Materials

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