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Supporting materials (further reading, commentary and self-test quizzes) and podcast links for Episodes 7-12 of the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast.


Episode 7: Weight neutral health enhancing habits

Episode 8: Theoretical vs actual weight change: industrialised wishful thinking

Episode 9: Ethics vs Morality: Why Fat is Fraught

Episode 10: Explainer: The Non-Diet Approach Model

Episode 11: Unboxing wellness marketing: the science of persuasion

Episode 12: What-The-5-percent?? Type 2 Diabetes & Weight Loss Recommendations


Each episode runs for 20-30 minutes and when used with these supporting materials is designed to provide at least 1 hour of professional development activities for health, medical, counselling and fitness professionals.


Note: Some podcast episodes will require a subscription to the Unpacking Weight Science Patreon page ($5/month to access the whole podcast catalogue).

Bundle 2: Episodes 7-12 Supporting Materials

  • Your download is a zip file with a PDF document for each episode.  Each document contains the link to the podcast episode on Patreon, the Learning Outcomes, Further Reading, Commentary and 5-item Self-Test Quiz. 

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