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Weight Science

Mainstream weight science is built upon a plethora of assumptions. We now know that many of these assumptions about human body weight and health are flawed. Learn about weight neutral science, weight bias, weight stigma, weight-neutral clinical practice and how to interpret weight-centric research with the Unpacking Weight Science resources listed here.

Unpacking Weight Science includes:

  • an online course 

  • a podcast 

  • a free monthly roundup of weight-neutral research, articles and resources

  • a book (one day soon!)


You pick what you're interested in and how you want it - choose one or choose them all! 


Each format has content relating to interpreting weight research, busting myths about body weight and health, and presenting weight neutral research and content (including Health at Every Size(R), Intuitive Eating, and The Non-Diet Approach). 

Unpacking Weight Science

The online course 

Learn how to unpack weight science, and get a certificate!


Self-paced, online professional development course designed for health professionals, academics and health science students.


Laptop Writing

Unpacking Weight Science

The book

Learn to unpack weight science and then keep this book as a reference!


An easy to read, no-nonsense guide to interpreting weight-related research and seeing through societal and medical weight bias. Suitable for health professionals, academics, health science students and anyone wanting to learn how to destroy weight centric arguments.

Still in development! - subscribe to get launch deal!

Open Book

Unpacking Weight Science

The podcast 

Want to learn in delicious bite-sized chunks? The Unpacking Weight Science Podcast provides 20-30 minute 'explainer' segments to help you understand weight-neutral perspectives, concepts and research, and to help you learn how to unpack weight science for yourself and others. Full show notes, resources and self-test quizzes included to provide you with at least 60 minutes of professional development activities every month or so. Once subscribed you get access to all current and previous podcast episodes.


Designed for health professionals, health science students and anyone who wants to know more than their doctor about weight. 

Only $5 per month (professional development sorted!)

See the episode list and purchase supporting materials on the Podcast tab 


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HealthNotDiets Digest: latest issues

a monthly round up of weight-neutral articles, blogs, research, clinical guidelines and shareables, curated by me, Dr Fiona Willer, AdvAPD, PhD

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