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Mainstream weight science is built upon a plethora of assumptions. We now know that many of these assumptions about human body weight and health are flawed. Learn about weight neutral science, weight bias, weight stigma, weight-neutral clinical practice and how to interpret weight-centric research with the Unpacking Weight Science resources listed here.


Unpacking Weight Science from Health, Not Diets is a suite of resources which include:

  • a comprehensive self-paced online professional development course 

  • a podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and Patreon

  • a 'bite-sized' self-paced online 'pod course' available for each podcast episode

  • a Patreon community, who get new content first, discounts, freebies and extras

  • a free regular roundup of weight-neutral research, articles and resource


You pick what you're interested in and how you want it - choose one or choose them all! 


Each format has content relating to interpreting weight research, busting myths about body weight and health, and presenting weight neutral, size inclusive research and content (including Health at Every Size(R), Intuitive Eating, and The Non-Diet Approach). 

Unpacking Weight Science

The comprehensive course 

Comprehensive, self-paced, online professional development course designed for health professionals, academics and health science students.

Taking things step by step, this course covers the science of weight regulation, weight loss (and regain), weight stigma, how to interpret and understand weight related research (including what's missing!) and the science of size inclusive, weight neutral approaches.


A Certificate of Completion is issued once course requirements have been met. This course represents approximately 20 hours of study.


(this course is currently being updated. The original version is now available for $99 on the Teachable learning platform. If you enrol in the original version, your course fee will be credited towards the new version when it is released, along with a generous discount. To enrol, click on the link below)

Laptop Writing

Unpacking Weight Science

The podcast and pod courses

Want to learn about weight science in delicious bite-sized chunks? 


The Unpacking Weight Science Podcast provides 20-30 minute 'explainer' segments to help you understand weight-neutral perspectives, concepts and research, and to help you learn how to unpack weight science for yourself and others.

Designed for health professionals, health science students and anyone who wants to know more than their doctor about weight. 


Older podcast episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and other podcast apps. Search your favourite podcast app for 'Unpacking Weight Science'. For newer episodes, join the Unpacking Weight Science Patreon or enrol in the Pod Courses on Teachable

Turn the podcast episodes into an hour of assessed professional development using the Supporting Materials for each episode (show notes, concept summaries and quizzes). Purchase them in PDF bundles or access them as part of a Pod Course and receive a Certificate of Completion.  

See the full episode list here 

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Unpacking Weight Science

The Patreon Community 

Members of the Unpacking Weight Science Patreon receive new content before the rest of the world, discounts and freebies from Health, Not Diets and Unpacking Weight Science


Join for access to:

  • All the Unpacking Weight Science podcast episodes on one RSS feed

  • Full show notes, resources and self-test quizzes for recent podcast episodes

  • First-look access and discounts for new training offerings

  • Discounts to events and resources

  • Generating ideas for future resources

Only $5 per month, in months when new stuff is posted. No new content, no fee!



HealthNotDiets Digest: latest issues

a regular round up of weight-neutral articles, blogs, research, clinical guidelines and shareables, curated by me, Dr Fiona Willer, AdvAPD, PhD

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