HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 1, 2020

December 13 - January 2, 2020

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Articles & Blogs

‘Baby hears for the first time’ videos aren’t inspirational, they hide the reality of Deaf lives

by Nyle DiMarco & Bobby Siebert

“Though it doesn’t appear so at first glance, inspiration porn is damaging to the disability and Deaf communities in so many ways. The narratives espoused in inspiration porn are almost always created by able-bodied people, depriving disabled and Deaf people of their right to create their own stories and decide how they are perceived by the rest of society.”


Director Ian Munro's warning to men after going off his cholesterol medication nearly killed him

by Lexy Hamilton-Smith

“children's TV producer Ian Munro has a dire warning for men with a "gung-ho" attitude about getting fit and going off medication they think they no longer need.”


Taking certain vitamins during breast cancer chemo tied to recurrence, death

by Linda Carroll

“From this study and others in the literature, it seems that it may not be wise to take supplements during chemotherapy”


Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow made the 2010s the decade of health and wellness misinformation

by Timothy Caulfield

““Pop culture coverage of a health topic...can affect, for better or worse, the utilization rates of health services. And there seems little doubt that many current evidence-free and potentially harmful health trends...would not be nearly as popular but for the associated celebrity endorsements”

Note: purposeful maintenance of ‘a healthy weight’ resulting in avoidance of xyz is not an actual thing, the stats are based on relatively effortlessly weight stable populations, not weight suppressed ones.…/celebrities-gwyneth-paltrow-made-…


Body Positivity Peaked This Year. Here Are the Ups and Downs

by Amee Severson

“Here’s a reflection on the good, the bad, and the all-year-long influences of 2019. Ready?”

Great list!


Intuitive Eating Is a Happier and Healthier Way to Eat—Here’s How to Begin

by Sharon Holbrook

“A pit stop for a mediocre burger and fries is just one meal of thousands you’ll eat in your lifetime, so you don’t have to feel bad about it. Mindful, enjoyable eating is a goal, not a guilt trap.”


What you really mean when you write ‘lose weight’ on your New Years Resolutions list.

by Ashlee Bennett

“feeling tired and less energetic are valid experiences and worth investigation if they’re impacting your life, but let’s be less hasty about connecting it to weight”


Turning the horror of swimwear shopping into a positive experience

by Sophie Aubrey

“Reject the idea that only a certain type of body belongs in bathers, and make a commitment to reconnect to yours by going swimming...Remember that women are taught to dislike their appearance – we are not born that way."


'My eating disorder took away magic of Christmas'

by Ella Wills

“I have always loved [the time of year] - I love the food, I love being with my family. But now it's difficult because of the eating disorder.”


It’s Time to Start Casting Fat Actors in Fat Roles

by Your Fat Friend

“Despite the sharp dissonance between the real fat people so many of us recognize and the familiar thin actors who play them, most audiences still unquestioningly accept that thin people will play fat roles."


3 influencers were secretly filmed agreeing to promote a made-up weight loss drink that contained fatal hydrogen cyanide

by Rachel Hosie

“the influencers — all reality TV stars — were caught out saying they would promote a [weight loss] product without trying it or checking the ingredients.”


African-American eating disorder survivor shares her message that eating disorders don't just affect 'thin, young, white affluent women'

by Katie Kindelan & Matt Knox

“Environmental stress (like racism and poverty) may make women of color more vulnerable to eating disorders.”