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Unpacking Weight Science is born!

As a weight-neutral dietitian, trainer and academic, not a day goes by that I don't get aggravated by weight biased (and sometimes plain wrong) news and scientific articles. Unpacking Weight Science takes a critical look at the claims these articles make.

Weight-centric research is a house of cards. The weak assumptions it's based on have been repeated again and again, enough times to be accepted, by scientists and the public alike, as 'truth'. Undergraduate health statistics courses warn of the dangers of treating statistical associations as proof of causation. It's the scientific equivalent of jumping the shark. The inconvenient truth is that weight science has been doing this for almost 100 years; it's so ingrained that it's invisible. Mainstream weight science is not wrong, it's just not right enough. The real truth is that these 'truths' are hurting people and wasting resources. We need to do better asap.

For the last decade or so I've been using (in clinical practice as a dietitian), researching (as part of my PhD) and training others (as part of my professional development training business) in weight-neutral approaches to health enhancement. In the early years I focussed on the 'how to' of weight-neutral clinical practice but these days the demand has grown to include training in interpreting weight related research.

It's a thrilling thing to be able to lift the veil on the faulty cogs in the machine that translates scientific research into healthcare practice and public policy. That is why I created the Unpacking Weight Science online course, blog and YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoy Unpacking Weight Science!

If there is a weight or health-related 'fact', news or scientific article you'd like me to unpack for Unpacking Weight Science, email me at - thanks!


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