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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 2, 2018

January 8-14 2018

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Articles and Blogs

We aren't all meant to have the same body size, and that's perfectly okay

by Jennifer Rollin

“There are so many things about you that are far more interesting than the gravitational force of the earth on your body. ”


To The 'As Long As You're Healthy' Bopo Supporters

by Megan Jayne Crabbe (BodyPosiPanda)

"Newsflash: You are worthy regardless of your physical health. You are valuable simply because you exist. Even if you are unhealthy. Even if you are fat and unhealthy”


We already ruined our own bodies, let's not ruin our kids

by Jacquie Fuller

“I’m here to assure you that serving dessert with dinner will not only not kill your child, but that it may actually save them from a lifetime of real suffering.”


Five reasons not to diet in 2018, and what to do instead

by Carrie Dennett

“Before you sign up for another a restrictive eating plan that has been designed by someone who doesn’t even know you, here are five reasons to opt out of diet culture this year.”


What does it truly mean to 'suffer' from an Eating Disorder?

by Kristina Zufall

“Using any word besides suffering just minimized my experience. It wasn’t until I started explaining it to people that I suffer from an eating disorder, truly suffer, that they understood just how hard my experience with food was day to day, week to week.”


Emotional labour and the fat female body as maternal

by Kate Bunting

“To be fat, like being a mother, is to enter into a regime of self-abnegation, to be owed a less-than-full life.”


Mexican scrambled egg overload - and other reasons why I have celebrity diet books

by Anthony Warner (the Angry Chef)

“In many [of his videos], he has the look of a man doing a particularly ostentatious poo, quite appropriate in a book with so many recipes for cauliflower rice.”


Research &

Clinical Practice

The Health Impact of Weight Stigma

by Carrie Dennett RDN

This article in Today's Dietitian is a must-read for all dietitians!


Healthy lifestyle habits and mortality in overweight and obese individuals

by Eric Matheson et al

"Conclusions: Healthy lifestyle habits are associated with a significant decrease in mortality regardless of baseline body mass index."


Matheson, Eric M., Dana E. King, and Charles J. Everett. "Healthy lifestyle habits and mortality in overweight and obese individuals." The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 25.1 (2012): 9-15.


Anaesthetists guidelines:

“The vast majority of obese patients presenting for surgery are relatively healthy and their peri-operative risk is similar to that of patients of normal weight.” Also they agree that clinician skill & equipment is far more important.

Nightingale, C. E., et al. "Peri‐operative management of the obese surgical patient 2015." Anaesthesia 70.7 (2015): 859-876.


The science that's never been cited

by Richard Van Noorden

“For any researcher who ever wished that one of their papers would eventually start gathering citations, there’s hope in the tale of Albert Peck, whose 1926 paper characterizing a kind of defect in glass attracted its first citation in 2014.“

Van Noorden, Richard. "the Science That’s Never Been Cited." Nature 552.7684 (2017): 162-164.



It’s time to compel weight loss companies to declare short & long term outcome data about their products, & provide likely outcomes if no such specific data exists. Shouting about short-term weight losses but silence about weight regain & internalized stigma is deceptive advertising.


Free non-diet approach course for health science students and newbies to #HAES Enrol here:


Finding weight loss easy? After multiple attempts before? Despite your efforts, you might also be harbouring something serious - have a chat to your doctor if the weight is 'falling off' - it might just save your life.


Level A evidence (NHMRC 2013) shows that weight regain follows weight loss for most, regardless of how the weight was lost. Why do the Australian Government industry and public health arms insist that it's possible despite officially knowing it isn't??!!


I made this from the info here: Matheson, Eric M., Dana E. King, and Charles J. Everett. "Healthy lifestyle habits and mortality in overweight and obese individuals." The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 25.1 (2012): 9-15.


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