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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 4, 2018

January 22-28, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Woman on diet has lost one and a half friends since start of January

by The Daily Mash

"As we head into crunch time, I plan to offer patronising dieting advice to anyone fatter than me. By April, I expect the social invitations to stop entirely.” *satire*


Worried about the kids? Fear of obesity is much more health-damaging than high weight itself. An interview with Dr Linda Bacon

by Ginny Jones

Help [your kids] see that their body is amazing because it houses them. Support them in learning to read their bodies, to trust themselves, to nourish themselves, body and soul.”


Why Don't Luxury Brands Want To Dress Fat People?

by Laurel Dickman

"Our clothing is as disposable as we are seen to be, likely to only make it a couple of seasons at most.”


When girls gain weight. Tips for parents.

by Rebelfit

"However you phrase it... Just keep reminding her... Weight gain at this time is.... PERFECTLY NORMAL. PERFECTLY HEALTHY. PERFECTLY WONDERFUL."


Bodies In Motion: The Complicated Relationship Between Fatness & Athleticism

by Kimberly Dark

“I lived cautiously, having embraced the story that a fat body was rather weak and socially useless. In private, intimate moments, I knew my body was a miracle.“