HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 6, 2018

February 5 - 10, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Weight Watchers Offering Free Memberships To Teens (AKA Future Of Yo-Yo Dieting)

by Joni Endelman

“I won’t stand idly by and watch [my daughter] half-exist, shrouded in body shame, spending her years counting calories, the finest moments of her life worrying about how big a slice of cake is or how small her ass is. I will not.

F&*k Weight Watchers.”


Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a new free program. That’s a problem.

by Rebecca Scritchfield

"The name is Weight Watchers, not Health Enhancers.... It will not only affect those who participate, but also every other teen who is exposed to the message that some bodies are “problems”.



by Megan Whelan

“I wondered who I might have been if so much of my personality hadn’t been developed alongside - and in defence of - my body.

And so now I stand out, when and how I can.”


My Weight Has Nothing to Do with How Good a Runner I Am

by Allie Kieffer

“The scrutiny grew unnerving. I didn’t look like most of the women I lined up against.....anytime I delivered a lackluster performance I was met with rhetoric that I needed to lose weight to perform better.”


Beyond the Scale: Finding Other Measures of Success to Nurture Long-Term Sustainable Change

by Lesley Wayler

"So as we enter February, don’t put the New Year behind you quite yet. Maybe instead, reframe your resolution, adding in a metric that’s more meaningful than a number on a scale and that points to your improved quality of life.”


Mind your own lunchbox

by Kelly Fullerton

“Policy development around healthy eating requires careful forethought....Looking differently about what we can add to teachers, parents and children’s skill set and literacy about food and eating is just a start.”


Thin, white, female: How people document eating disorder recovery on Instagram

by Andrea LaMarre

“We cannot ignore how health is often judged based on how a person is often equated with thinness in a way that can lead to significant discrimination against people in large bodies & worse health outcomes for those individuals.”


Sugar Addiction: A Summary Of The Science

by Marci Evans

“A person’s felt sense of being out of control or addicted to food is not the same thing as having scientific evidence that it is occurring at the physiological level.”


Body positivity and its discontents. What happens when your body doesn’t qualify for body positivity?

by Your Fat Friend

“I will not storm the gates of a movement that is so deeply ambivalent about my worthiness. Instead, I will take on the tough and tender work of building loving homes, shoulder-to-shoulder with those of us who’ve been shut out.”


This dress will not destroy me: navigating wedding dress shopping in ED recovery

by Tiffany Haug

“Here are 5 ideas for coping with, and lessening the triggers that can surface with the wedding dress shopping experience.”


In Hunger, Roxane Gay Says What No One Else Will About Being Fat in America

by Janelle Okwodu

“mercifully free of the unsolicited health advice or uplifting self-acceptance narrative.... Gay presents instead a briskly frank depiction of her size and the world’s response to it.”


The famine ended 70 year ago, but Dutch genes still bear scars

by Carl Zimmer

“Pregnant women [exposed to the Dutch Hunger Winter], it turns out, were uniquely vulnerable, and the children they gave birth to have been influenced by famine throughout their lives.”

TL:DR Do not diet while pregnant.


Research &

Clinical Practice

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements:

What Clinicians Need to Know

by JoAnn Manson and Shari Bassuk

“most [RCTs] of vitamin & mineral supplements have not demonstrated clear benefits for primary or secondary prevention of chronic diseases..... Indeed, some....may have harmful effects, including increased mortality, cancer, and hemorrhagic stroke.”

Manson, JoAnn E., and Shari S. Bassuk. "Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: What Clinicians Need to Know." JAMA.


“The study demonstrates that intake of both [types of iron], as well as adequate dietary energy, are associated with normal iron status levels in young women, and that restrained eaters [ie dieters] may be at greater risk of low iron status.”

Young, Isabel, et al. "Association between Haem and Non-Haem Iron Intake and Serum Ferritin in Healthy Young Women." Nutrients 10.1 (2018): 81.