HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 9, 2018

February 25th - March 3rd, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Camila Mendes of 'Riverdale' Just Opened Up About Why She's 'Done With Dieting'

by Stacey Leasca

“I'm done believing in the idea that there's a thinner, happier version of me on the other side of all the tireless effort."


How my anorexia battle affected my relationship with my mother

by Georgia Smit

“I sat down with [my mother] to talk about the impact my eating disorder had on her and our relationship. Before this conversation we had never talked about this in such detail. What she said brought me to tears.”


Perceiving the beauty of all bodies

by Ragan Chastain

“perceiving beauty is a skill set – which is to say that everyone has inherent beauty, and the ability to see that beauty is a skill that can be learned and expanded. “


On Living 100 years in Diet Culture

by Dr Lauren Muhlheim

"At 9 years old [in 1925] people wanted me to start appearing on stage playing the piano. My teacher wanted to speak with my parents & told them he thought I was overweight & should lose some weight. He wanted to groom me for concert piano playing. “


There’s No Morality in Exercise:I’m a Fat Person and Made a Successful Fitness App

by Naomi Alderman

"For a long time I bought into that story, wholeheartedly, accepting what it said as the truth about me. Until I realized that fatness—that the way I felt about fatness—was something totally different.”


Food intolerance tests are shoddy science and traps for disordered eating

via Vice (Tonic)

“Maybe some people happened upon the food they really did have an intolerance to. It’s not impossible. But for others it could be all wrapped up in how much influence their minds, expectations and fears have on our eating.”

This is a great article but Vice will redirect you to their closest edition and not to the article itself unless you're in Canada. The workaround is to choose the United States edition from the dropdown and then search for the article. I managed to get to it on my phone but not my laptop - sorry in advance about any frustrations finding it!


The Inside Story Of How An Ivy League Food Scientist Turned Shoddy Data Into Viral Studies

by Stephanie M. Lee

“What they’re doing is making a very small amount of science go a very long way when you spread it thinly and you cut it with water and modified starch,” he said. “The product, which is the paper, is designed and marketed before it’s even been built.”


Bear in Mind: Fatphobia Is Alive and Well, Even Within the Bear Community

by Corbin Chamberlin

"Even to this day, much more battle-worn than I once was, I’m always so shocked and repulsed by the position of most gay men to be so unaccepting of fat individuals, knowing how unkind the outside world is to those who are different."


Why can’t we recognize fat anger?

by Your Fat Friend

“Like so many straight size people, they struggled to see my anger because they struggled to see what had happened as fundamentally unacceptable.”


‘It’s Because You’re Fat’ — And Other Lies My Doctors Told Me

by Martina Donkers

"When doctors looked at me, they didn’t see a girl who danced, cycled, and played team sports. They saw a fat girl — and they based their diagnosis on stereotypes about what that meant. “


Binge-eating disorder doesn’t mean I love food – it means food controls every moment of my life

by Alex Stringer

An account of living with Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

Note that the graphic descriptions may be upsetting for people struggling with disordered eating and body dissatisfaction (tread carefully please).


What Happened After I Spoke out About Fat Shaming at the NYC Marathon

by L. Shauntay Snell

"My mission was to let people know they weren’t alone—that they, too, can push past disparaging, unsolicited comments....I want to show the world that all bodies are capable of phenomenal things.”


Advocacy & Dietetic Practice - be silent no more.

by Fiona Sutherland

‘When we advocate, our clients hear and see "I believe in you, you matter, you are important..." which has a profound effect. We must not underestimate the power of us sending the message of "I've got your back."’


Disabled People Can Have Eating Disorders, Too

by Micaela Evans

“I felt as though my experience with my [eating] disorder wasn’t valid. As if something must be wrong in me, rather than the medical systems standing in opposition to my very real experience.”