HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 10, 2018

March 4-10, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Brisbane mum designs cycling gear for curvy women

by Amy Mitchell-Whittington

"Brisbane mother and recent cycling convert Barbara Spooner was disheartened when she first went scouting for cycling gear [so she] decided to take the matter into her own hands and create an outfit that suited women with curves."


What Does Intuitive Eating Mean?

by Aaron Flores

"Intuitive eating is challenging and can difficult to understand. It’s completely opposite of how we’ve been taught to think about food. It’s not black or white, it’s gray, nuanced and there is no one “right way” which is why it can be so confusing."


Take Your Daughter to the Movies, Not to Weight Watchers

by Jennifer Weiner

“what I know for sure is this: I wish I had treated my body with love and respect....and insisted that the world needed to expand its views of what was acceptable much more than I needed to shrink.”


Eating Disorders & the Scourge of Perfectionism

by Amanda Robins

"But girls with anorexia are not people who have just taken their dieting too far. They are not malingering. They are suffering from a pernicious mental illness that can take over their lives and the lives of those who love them."


Social Cleansing and the End of the Obesity Epidemic

by Charlotte Cooper

“The [World Health Organisation] reproduces the idea that fat people can only ever be passive and grateful service users, not in the driving seat of our own lives. It is patronising, arrogant, about maintaining thin privilege, power and status.”


The Jane Brody Problem

by Harriet Brown

“Ultimately the trouble with Jane Brody and others like her [is that] they’ve taken their own culturally formed aesthetic preferences for medical truths and insist on inflicting them on the rest of us under the guise of health.”


Diets Backfire. Let’s Pave a Path for Our Children to True Health Instead

by Jill Castle

"True child health comes from the interaction of nutritious foods, effective feeding strategies, daily activity, adequate sleep & other health-promoting behaviors, rather than a focus on dieting. This is the path to building a healthy child, inside & out."


Not a Fan of Fat Shaming? Stop Thin Praising

by Afshan Jafar

"If we are interested in challenging the narrow definition of an ideal body type and weight, we not only need to put an end to fat shaming, we also need to stop thin praising."


The sudden collapse of coconut oil, 2015’s favorite superfood

by Caitlin Dewey

“.... some “superfoods” do have impressive, well-proven health benefits, and are widely endorsed by nutritionists, others are fads sparked by one or two isolated studies or championed by celebrity dieters.”


Cancer Research’s ‘obesity is a cause of cancer’ campaign ignores the very real issue of medical fatphobia

by Amanda Elliott

"As a fat woman, I know that the medical industry hates me."


Take The Cake: “Polite” Fatphobia Is Actually More Damaging

by Virgie Tovar

“Bold and straight-forward bigotry creates harm. Polite bigotry positions the bigot as morally superior, creating both harm and confusion around whether harm has actually taken place.”


A letter from your fat wife

by Anna Jones

“A few years ago I might have thanked you for loving me inspite of my fatness. But now I realise what you knew all along- that me and my body were always worthy of love, no matter our size.”


Why we need to take fat-shaming out of fitness culture

by Rebecca Scritchfield

“Everyone can reduce weight stigma by reducing body shame....don’t assume anyone’s goal is weight loss. Reinforce a positive, self-care mind-set, especially when someone shares any kind of frustration with past exercise experiences.”


Research &

Clinical Practice

Neat little paper published last week in the Lancet Public Health which concludes that willpower cannot have been the primary reason for the increase in the prevalence of larger bodies in the population. Anthony Rodgers, Alistair WoodwardEmail the author Alistair Woodward, Boyd Swinburn, William H Dietz, Prevalence trends tell us what did not precipitate the US obesity epidemic (2018) Lancet Public Health…/PIIS2468-2667(18)30021-5/fulltext


“the very act of labeling is a process of othering, one that creates a distinction between us and them; which raises the question: who is entitled to do the labeling and why, and in what conditions is such a distinction needed?"

Meadows, Angela, and Sigrún Daníelsdóttir. "What's in a word? On weight stigma and terminology." Frontiers in psychology 7 (2016): 1527.