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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 12, 2018

March 18 - 24, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

How ‘before and after’ photographs promote unattainable body ideals

by Jenny Cole

"A weight inclusive approach, which views health as multifaceted and not defined by one’s weight, is a more effective, and more ethical, way to promote health.”


How Obesity Became a Disease, and, as a consequence, how weight loss became an industry

by Harriet Brown

"obesity doesn’t fit the definition of a medical disease. It has no symptoms, and it’s not always harmful—in fact, for some people in some circumstances, it’s been known to be protective rather than destructive.”


You Don’t Have To Love Your Body By Ijeoma Oluo

“my body is mine. It’s mine to adore, and it’s also mine to curse, trash, and outright ignore. The real victory is not in loving your body, or refusing to hate your body. The real victory is owning your body, and letting it be whatever you want it to be.”


The magical thinking of weight loss

by Your Fat Friend

More exquisite writing from Your Fat Friend:

“Your body is your body. Your life is your life. And your life is happening now —not twenty, fifty, a hundred pounds from now. So go live it.”


Rebecca Alexander Is the Queer Fat Woman Behind AllGo, an App That Will Change the World for People of Size

via Autostraddle

“I believe that all people have a right to exist as they are and a right to the same level of comfort and access when it comes to going out,” Rebecca wrote. “That is why I’m building AllGo.”