HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 18, 2018

April 29 - May 5, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Why I don't talk about weight loss

by TaLynn Kel

“I believed that if I built my life around fitness, then I would be successful. Fit at any cost. Then I had a pulmonary embolism.”


Why are we addicted to weighing ourselves?

by Kasey Edwards

“Rather than building us up, each weigh-in session instead undermines the trust we have in our bodies. After all, if we have to constantly defer to the great Scale God in the bathroom, then how much control do we really have?”


I used to be a holistic nutritionist

by Denby Royal

“my world crumbled like a dry piece of raw gluten-free paleo cake.... I had fallen for the false language of pseudoscience where a morsel of real medicine is blended with enough nonsense and conviction to fool so many people.”


The Clinical Trial Is Open. The Elderly Need Not Apply.

by Paula Span

“The that when researchers leave older people out, ‘you end up with a very homogeneous group that is not representative of your real-world patients.’”

Let’s also have some studies done to help larger peeps that aren’t aiming for weight loss!


We’re Having a Baby! + a few thoughts on infertility

by Emily Fonnesbeck

“no matter what life throws at you, Intuitive Eating gives you the tools to adapt. This ability to be flexible certainly beats the more commonly used all-or-nothing mentality”


When a coach suggests athletes drop a few pounds

by Rachael Steil

“When athletes prioritize their own health and wellness, they can spread a culture of body positivity, acceptance, and emotional support that makes proper fueling for sport a team value.” (interview with Dr Paula Quatromoni)


Faster at a cost

by Cindy Kuzma

“A sport like running can be a nice cover for disordered eating for men and women, because so much of what you do as a runner intersects with the behaviors you might have as someone with an eating disorder”

CW: ED behaviors, weight, calories


An open letter to Dr Phil about eating disorders

by Colleen Reichmann

“folks with mental illnessess are already a vulnerable population....TV shows like yours are clearly out to exploit this population.”


I Felt Despair About Climate Change—Until a Brush With Death Changed My Mind

by Alison Spodek Keimowitz

“someday, there will be a last generation of humans on Earth. But the years we can postpone each loss, and each wild place and creature saved, are incalculably valuable.”


Are We an Orthorexic Nation?

by Toby Amidor

“An unhealthy obsession with food, known as orthorexia, can lead to diets so strict that they have health-related consequences including nutrient deficiencies, social isolation and severe psychological stress.”


I’m a Man With Bulimia, and This Is What It’s Like

by Louis Baragona

“I know now [after recovery from bulimia] that my body was never wrong or bad, despite what anyone told me. And what I’d thought would be my secret, the thing under my clothes that left me feeling lonely & torn & ashamed, has now become my celebration.”


How Do I Respond To People Who Tell Me Body Positivity Is Promoting Obesity?

by Megan Jayne Crabbe

“Fat people are allowed to simply exist in their bodies without promoting anything. The idea that someone with a fat body wearing a cute outfit, going to the pool, or just living their damn life means that they're promoting fatness is absurd.”


Yes, It Is Fine To Be Fat

by Ragen Chastain

“The point of body positivity and fat acceptance is not to tell people what lifestyle choices to make, but to be clear that people of all sizes — including and especially fat people — have the right to exist without shame, stigma, bullying, & oppression.”