HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 24, 2018

June 10 - 16, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Being Disabled isn’t Eco Friendly: Get Off Our Backs and Put In The Work

by Imani

"it requires more than simply recycling plastics or banning straws, but racial, social, economic, and disability justice to make true strides to environmental stewardship.”


The case for renaming women's body parts

by Leah Kaminsky

“until the last century, women were almost excluded from academic medicine. But the continued use of these mostly male eponyms not only reflects the gender bias in our medical knowledge base. It may continue to perpetuate it.”


Coming Out As Queer Is Even More Complicated For A Fat Person

by Charlotte Morabito

“People assume that since fatness is so visible, there is no need for fat people to come out as fat...But some people view coming out as fat as a way of taking back & reclaiming the discourse around fatness.”


These Higher-Weight Female Athletes Are Shattering Myths About Fitness

by Ragen Chastain

“ female athletes share their stories to prove that there's plenty of room for all bodies in fitness.”


Laziness Does Not Exist, but unseen barriers do

by Erika Price

“when you don’t fully understand a person’s context — what it feels like to be them every day, all the small annoyances and major traumas that define their life — it’s easy to impose abstract, rigid expectations on a person’s behavior.”


'The Obesity Paradox:' When Obese Patients Fare Better Than Healthy Ones

by Alexa Lardieri

“compared with normal-weight patients, overweight patients were 23 less likely to die and obese patients were 22 percent less likely to die from sepsis than those of normal weight.”


My Body May Stay Fat, but It Will Not Stay Still

by Your Fat Friend

“My body will stay fat, just as it did when I swam for hours every day. My body will stay fat, just as it always has been. My body will stay fat, but it will not stay still.”


What should we do about trauma?

by Dan Johnson

“cumulative adversity contributes to long-term health and behavioural difficulties for many.... It is a crucial time in deciding how we respond to adversity. Trauma-informed care has real potential to improve services for those who need them most.”


Body Positivity Is a Scam

by Amanda Mull

“maybe the most helpful thing brands could do for all of us is shut the f*ck up.”


In Praise of Extreme Moderation

by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

“Extremism is becoming the norm not only in our professional lives but increasingly in our personal lives as well, from politics and parenting to food and fitness.”


Dear Therapist: Your Client Has an Eating Disorder

by Gwyneth Olwyn

“someone BMI 37 can be facing as severe an energy deficit due to an eating disorder as someone BMI 17. Weight does not correlate to health status.”


Activated charcoal doesn't detox the body – four reasons you should avoid it

by Sophie Medlin

“We are often sold the idea that our diets are somehow “toxic” when the reality is that, aside from ingesting poison, even fast food doesn’t contain anything toxic.”


Letter to my thin friend - dining out

by Comfy Fat

“Being fat and eating in public is a risk in itself. Being a confident fatty and enjoying food in public is actually radical.”


Is Avoiding My Body Issues an Issue?

by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond

“keep remembering that your body isn’t a problem to be solved. It isn’t a product to be displayed or an object to be judged. It’s not separate from who you are. It is who you are. At this size and in that shape at that weight.”


The Stanford Prison Experiment was massively influential. We just learned it was a fraud.

by Brian Resnick

“Science is a frustrating, iterative process. When we communicate it, we need to get beyond the idea that a single, stunning study ought to last the test of time.”