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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 25, 2018

June 17 - 23, 2018

If you have also been horrified by what's happening at the US-Mexico border, please consider donating to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services which is working to reunite children who have been separated from their families:

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Articles and Blogs

Christian Siriano Tripled His Business by Adding Plus Sizes

by Faran Krentcil

"Adding plus sizes to my line tripled my business. Why wouldn’t you do that?! .... Do we not think these women should wear our clothes? Do we not want these women to have beautiful things because we’re afraid they’re not beautiful?"


The ‘sexy, spiritual, successful woman’ ideal – why it hurts us.

by Casey Conroy

“Use of the sexy, successful, spiritual woman ideal for personal financial gain and empire expansion is more than dishonest. It’s predatory, it’s harmful, and it’s cruel.”


7 Things You Can Be Proud of Doing by the Time You’re 35— Even If You Didn’t Save Twice Your Yearly Salary

by Shannon Weber

“All nihilism aside, here are seven things that you can truly be proud of having accomplished by age 35—things that remind you you’re worth more than capitalism makes you think.”


What exactly is 'thin privilege'?

by Kristina Bruce

“my theory as to why people are so uncomfortable with the word [thin] “privilege” is because it puts us face to face with the inequalities that exist in the world, and that feels uncomfortable.”


Feel Good Exercise Planner

by Gillian Byers

"Imagine a [fitness] planner that supports you in feeling good about your body, right now, instead of pressure to be something different."


Medical Fatphobia Almost Killed My Friend

by Virgie Tovar

“medical fatphobia....isn’t just the moments when a doctor refuses to show empathy or provide proper care to a fat patient — it’s also all the moments when we as fat people choose not to seek the care we deserve because we’re intimidated.”


Why I’m no longer using the term ‘body positive’

by Jessica Lindsay

“That’s really the crux of the issue. Body positivity is great in theory, but it’s now become about fitness bloggers ‘learning to accept’ their barely-there belly roll when they’re in the foetal position rather than about changing attitudes.”


Body positivity without consumerism and pretense looks like this

by Annaliese Griffin

“bodies aren’t just aesthetic packages, they’re part of a deeper history...We come from a long line of people...All of those people thrived & survived & came together & procreated & then continued on & on to get me to this actual body.”


Body Liberation is Not About Eating Donuts

by Maria Paredes

“As I write this, there are babies being separated from their parents. We need to see more discussion about how the immigrant/refugee/asylee experience intersects with HAES advocacy work.”


What if physicians stopped weighing heavier patients? Health care might improve.

by Rebecca Scritchfield

'Some doctors... are already changing the way they handle the issue of weight. “I delay weighing new patients so I can make sure doing so would not cause harm, like in the case of clients with eating disorders or a history of body shame”'


The Pain of Weight Bias Is Real—and Physical

by Linda Wasmer Andrews

“Body shaming hurts, and not just emotionally. Feeling stigmatized because of your weight is associated with increased physical pain”


Body Positivity Doesn’t End with Feeling Positive About Your Body

by Vincci Tsui

“I’d been so focused on the individual that I didn’t realize that body positivity is actually a movement.”


Burnout is common among psychotherapists

by Alex Fradera

“A therapist seeking to work in a highly challenging position, due to the nature of clients or the operating environment, should be both technically qualified and temperamentally suited, or else they may pay the price over time.”


Thermidor part 2

(Angry Chef eviscerates dietary claims of Jordan Peterson)

by Anthony Warner

"Even before Twitter and Health Blogs, convincing anecdotes of recovery persuaded generations of people to embrace pointless and often damaging rituals to cure disease."


Research &

Clinical Practice

Keen to try to reduce your cholesterol? This brand new well designed study shows that adopting a mediterranean style dietary pattern is effective at decreasing cholesterol and triglycerides in people with larger bodies WITHOUT weight loss.

This is important because larger people are often told that weight loss is the only way to improve blood cholesterol markers.

Note that blood cholesterol is a surrogate marker of risk, not an indication of actual disease nor does it accurately predict who will and won't go on to have a heart attack or stroke. The take-home message is: if you enjoy eating a mediterranean style diet and it's feasible for you, then go for it, improvements to cholesterol and triglycerides may happen for you, and this may postpone or avoid developing cardiovascular disease. Or might not but you've had the benefit of enjoying the heck out of your meals in the process.

The impact of physical fitness on cardiometabolic health is still larger than the impact of dietary factors overall.

O'Connor, Lauren E., et al. "A Mediterranean-style eating pattern with lean, unprocessed red meat has cardiometabolic benefits for adults who are overweight or obese in a randomized, crossover, controlled feeding trial." The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. June 2018


Obesity Discrimination in the Recruitment Process: “You’re Not Hired!”

by Stuart Flint et al

“[larger] female candidates were judged as the least suitable for work, and thus, hold implications for [employment]...The findings contribute to growing calls for policy development to address this growing concern.”

Flint SW, Čadek M, Codreanu SC, Ivić V, Zomer C, Gomoiu A. Obesity Discrimination in the Recruitment Process: “You’re Not Hired!” Frontiers in Psychology. 2016;7:647. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00647.


Soapbox & Shareables

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Twice a month, my 20-30 minute podcasts unpack different elements of weight bias & stigma, weight research, BMI, health behaviours and weight neutral approaches. Paid subscribers (only $5/month!) get the podcast six months before everyone else, plus full show notes, reference list, self-test quiz and resource materials for use in practice. This equates to an hour of professional development each month :-)

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Industrialised Wishful Thinking"

In this podcast I compare and contrast what our mathematical formulas about energy requirements and weight loss say should be possible (ie the theoretical) versus what actually happens in real life. I’m also going to talk about the history of this energy requirement belief system, who continues to use it and why.

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