HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 27, 2018

July 1 - 7, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

In A World Of Watered-Down ‘Body Positivity,’ The Tess Holliday Self Cover Is A Radical Choice

by Lesley Kinzel

“Women’s media is one of the worst offenders when it comes to making women feel terrible about themselves, and it often does so under a veneer of empowerment.”


Nobody believes that black people are in pain and it's killing us

by Jazmine Joyner

“it took me literally passing out in an elevator and being dragged into the doctor’s office for the staff and my surgeon to take my pain seriously. After that ordeal, I avoid the doctor at all cost.”


The journey from self-hate to self-love

by Ivy Felicia

"It’s funny… You don’t appreciate some things until they’re gone or you’re on the verge of losing it…This was a wake-up call to me…This was proof of how life isn’t promised…Having other people bathing, feeding, & walking you, is a humbling experience"


FYI, Body Positivity Is Not "Dangerous" Or Bad For Your Health

by Cory Stieg

"Experts have reacted to the study saying that the way the results were framed was misleading and sloppy, and dragged the author for not having legitimate evidence for any of their claims."


Save Your Girls From Instagram

by Lexie Kite

"a young girl’s access to Instagram is like a master class in objectification. Taught by influencers and peers... she will learn at the speed of light that she is her body, and that her body is her ticket to happiness, fulfillment, power, and love."


Time to turn off the Tap: Why Emotional Freedom Technique is dangerous nonsense

by Alex Langford

“Every second someone spends having “tapping therapy” is time they could be spending seeking effective treatment for their mental illness, or perhaps even worse, for their physical illnesses.”


The friend effect: why the secret of health and happiness is surprisingly simple

by Jenny Stevens

“It is those who know us intimately who can provide [love], and they do it through their physical presence, through touch, and through eating, drinking and sharing with us. Spending time together is social nourishment.”


Energy deficiency in sport: when the quest for leanness hurts health and performance

by Alicia Filley

“When the body doesn’t have enough energy to support the demands placed upon it, either through disordered eating or over-activity, the consequences go beyond bone health and menstrual function, and affect athletes of both genders, all ages & any ability”


For Many People, Especially Women — Weight Loss Is Not a Happy Ending

by Juli Fraga

“Selby tried numerous weight loss plans, but as the pounds melted off, she felt worse, not better.”


A basically Marxist analysis of the rise of activewear

by Lauren Carroll Harris

“Activewear is a lesson in how to commodify, how to problematise, how to whip up something from nothing – and by something, I mean a multimillion-dollar mass market. It’s the story of late capitalism in miniature.”


How to Raise Your Kid in a Body Positive Way

by Sally Kuzemchak

“Once you're into the early teen years, it's developmentally appropriate for kids to become hyper aware of their bodies and compare to others...What you do beforehand can have a significant impact in helping them boost their resilience to body shame."


Body Image starts at birth...

by Lori Short-Zamudio

“Be a role model and this includes teaching your child to wear what they are comfortable with on their bodies. Model carrying your body with pride. Do the fun things.“


How to Declare Your Independence from Diet Culture!

by Erica Leon

“It is important to recognize that our bodies are always changing and that our weight, in turn, might increase, decrease or stay the same! The only thing that is constant in life is CHANGE – this includes our bodies.”


Coeliac disease in children – treating the whole child

by Sarah Peck

“Impose the least amount of food restrictions as possible on your child. It is tempting as a parent to want to fix our child’s health. Conflicting and often well-meaning advice can leave us trying to remove further food groups.”


Why I've chosen body liberation over body love

by Jess Baker

“In the end, I have found that the less I try to force myself to love my body, the less I hate it.”