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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 29, 2018

July 15 - 21, 2018

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Articles and Blogs

Teaching mindful eating from a weight-inclusive paradigm

by Lilia Graue

“it is not weight, but our cultural fixation on it and the behavioral consequences of this fixation, that most often bring about adverse consequences to health. Stigma, discrimination, shame and oppression harm our physical, emotional and social health.”


An open letter to my daughter's camp counselor

by Anna Lutz

“when you have twelve 11 year olds under your care, negative comments about your body or about restricting food need to be kept to after “lights out”....You are in a pivotal position to have a lasting impact on these girls’ lives.”


Who Your Friends Are Matters: Why I’m Wary of Being Friends With You When None of Your Friends Are Marginalized

by Caleb Luna

“when I feel hesitant about fully relaxing around a person who I see as primarily having close relationships....with thin people, & white people, that it is legitimate to be weary of their values, limits &, ultimately, ability & willingness 2 care for me.”


Access Intimacy, Interdependence and Disability Justice

by Mia Mingus

“Cultivating access intimacy is a way to directly challenge ableism and the relentless isolation that disabled people endure, especially disabled folks who are part of other oppressed communities.”


I Am Fat. I Still Deserve Good Medical Care

by Lesley Kinzel

“I have been prescribed weight loss as a treatment for everything from gallbladder disease to a shoulder injury. I have been asked [twice] if I’ve ever considered bariatric surgery during a pelvic exam...while the doctor was scraping my cervix”