HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 34, 2018

August 17 - 23, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

Eating Disorder Recovery: Aim to Overshoot​
by Tabitha Farrar

“Overshoot is normal. Overshoot is optimal. Overshoot means you are recovering. Overshoot means you are exactly where your body needs you to be right now. Overshoot should be aimed for.”
Mindful Eating (…don’t water it down to “just eat slow without distractions”)
by Kylie Mitchell

“Being mindful with food = being aware of something relating to food. The thing you need to be aware of isn’t always eat slowly and eat without distraction.“
What is Diet Culture?​
by Jeffrey M. Saltzman

“many human decisions rely on automatic or knee-jerk reactions, rather than deliberative thought.”


Urban walking isn’t just good for the soul. It could save humanity

by Jonn Elledge

“While I retain no memory of the first time I successfully walked the 15 miles from central London to my childhood home in Essex, I remember my first failure in excruciating detail.“


Hierarchy, disagreement, and food politics

by Jayson Lusk

“As a person (or country) develops and gains more income, they move from food being primarily consumed to survive to food consumption eventually serving as a form of self expression and actualization.“


PSA to girls under 18

by Clementine Ford

“even with an assumption of agency in a teenage girl, the power differential between her and an adult man remains too troubling to ignore. The trope of the worldly high school girl might be common, but so too is that of the man who seeks out women with less power than him.“


Covering health research? Choose your studies (and words) wisely

by Chloe Reichel

“We tend to have this idea in society that one study by itself [has significance] — there are these great eureka moments — but really this stuff is built by consensus over many, many years.”


Dascha Polanco: 'You Can Love Yourself Without Liking Everything'

by Dascha Polanco

“wanting to eat a burger doesn’t impact my acting or my ability to help people. Neither does getting older—reaching new decades and going through physical changes is something we should celebrate, not fear.”


These Very Glam Portraits Celebrate the Beauty of Double Chins​

by Sirin Kale

“It sounds cheesy but to have a group of women normally ignored by society in a room all together, basking in each other’s beauty, was pretty cool.”


17 Body-Positive Podcasts That Will Empower You Daily

by Monica Davis

“I’m here for body-positivity at all times....I just need more folks like me, talking about this skin suits we’re all respectively wearing and how it feels to be outside of the mainstream beauty standards.”


Queen of Soul and Body-Positive Icon: A Look Back at Aretha's Franklin's Memorable Style

by Maiysha Kai

“due to all her IDGAF glory, Aretha was a body-positive icon long before “body positivity” was even a thing”


Size Diversity & Health at Every Size​

by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

“Develop and nurture connections with others and look for purpose and meaning in your life. Fulfilling your social, emotional, and spiritual needs restores food to its rightful place as a source of nourishment and pleasure.”


17 Trustworthy Registered Dietitians to Follow for Truly Great Advice

by Christine Byrne

List of great dietitians to follow, it’s fabulous that most of them are HAES advocates!


Fat Positive Photography

by Lauren Muhlheim

"It is...important for all people to broaden their aperture on what people should look like. This includes viewing images of fat people who are happy, sexy, desired, and beautiful and engaging in all the activities that make up a fulfilled life."


Dietland: Not the Unproblematic Alternative to Insatiable It’s Made Out to Be