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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 35, 2018

August 24 - 30, 2018

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Articles & Blogs


BELVIQ – Hilarious if It Wasn’t Horrifying

by Ragan Chastain

“make no mistake, this drug is going to kill people. People who could have lived full, happy lives in the bodies that they have now are literally going to die trying to be thin while this company rakes in millions, even billions, in profits.”


The unbearable vulnerability of eating enough.

by Michelle, The Fat Nutritionist

“Don’t substitute a life for made-up rules about food. You’re vulnerable because you’re alive. Being alive means feeling things, so feel them. Grab a pillow, an animal, or another human if it helps, and let yourself. Try a thing, make a mistake, tell someone you like their earrings. Eat a meal that fills you up and gives you life”


“Gosh, You’re a Big Fella,” and Other Manifestations of My Privilege

by Jared Harrop

“I harnessed my shame and used it to shift my perspective: I could either keep doing everything in my power to avoid even the potential of a diagnosis, or learn everything I could about the current state of my body and use that knowledge as power.”


Who's Hurt By Being Called Fat?

by Your Fat Friend

“Let me name my body. Let yourself say ‘fat’. Say it again and again. Say it until its blade dulls, until it can’t hurt you. Say it so you can stop hurting me.”


Exclusive: Fitbit's 150 billion hours of heart data reveal secrets about health

by David Pogue

Interesting report of data from Fitbit users with a focus on resting heart rate. It doesn’t use sophisticated stats but is interesting none the less...