HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 37, 2018

September 7 - September 13, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

Opinion: Are We Being Misled About Precision Medicine?

by Liz Szabo

“Hospitals promote their precision-medicine programs by showcasing the stories of long-term survivors. Companies that sell the tests that look for mutations ...highlight only the best-case scenarios.Against this backdrop of hope and desperation, how are patients supposed to make informed decisions?”


Body Positive Fitness in Hong Kong

by Liv Magazine

“I don’t care if you think running will make my calves “manly” or if you want to “compliment” me on my weight loss – just assume that my body is not your business.”


Nutritional Minutiae Doesn't Really Matter As Much As We Think It Does

by Robyn. The Real Life RD

“if your food choices are causing you more stress, isolating you from social situations, disconnecting you emotionally, not satisfying your tastebuds and cravings, or leaving you feeling chaotic and out of control around certain foods…your food choices are not healthy at all”


Why #morethanmybody is Important – Recap from Love Your Body Week

by Fumi Somehara

“You will have “good” days and “meh” days when it comes to how you feel, see and think about your body.That’s a very normal, human thing.”


Why Your Desk Job Is So Damn Exhausting

by Brian Resnick

“In some people, physical activity is fatiguing...But in other people, it is energizing”


So You Put a Plus-Size Model on the Runway, Now What?

by Amanda Mull

“A closer look at the actual obstacles to expanded [fashion and high end clothing] sizing is revealing, though, as is a close look at who’s finally stepping up to solve them”


Body weight, weight-bias, and dietetic education – Part 1

by Meredith Bessey

"This stereotype [of dietitians] ignores the evidence that health can be found in all sizes and shapes of bodies, and [perpetuates the myth] that one must be thin in order to educate a patient about nutrition and healthy relationships with food.”



by Julie Venn

“I put my hand up and said ‘STOP! You need to stop talking to my daughter about her weight. She is 13, she is strong. She is healthy, and she is PERFECT”


The sudden “concern” about Tess Holliday’s health is a big, fat lie

by Sali Hughes

“There is a huge difference between normalising obesity and simply humanising it”CW: mild weight centrism and misrepresentation of what larger people eat (truth: most people don’t eat anywhere near the dietary guidelines, regardless of weight)


There's really not much proof probiotics work

by Nicky Mehtani

"when doctors did the endoscopy to evaluate their intestines, they found that probiotics had only actually “stuck” and grown in a few people.”


These are the stories of how physicians are bullied

by Rosalind Kaplan

“the repeated trauma of being bullied over years can make even the most seasoned physicians run out of steam”


How we’ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity

by Sandy Szwarc

“people, regardless of their size, who believe they have “overeating” issues are most often exhibiting completely normal, natural biological responses to starvation, hunger and weight loss — in developed countries, that means voluntary starvation, otherwise called dieting. Healthy people, whether naturally fat or thin, who aren’t dieting or trying to control their weights don’t have problems with “overeating.”"


The founder of Fat Girls Dance told us how not being marginalized as a fat woman inspired her to launch a global body-positivity movement

by Kitty Lindsay

“it’s important for people to start seeing plus-size bodies move, particularly our bellies jiggling and stuff like that, so that as fat women [we] can stop being so phobic of our own bodies.”


Five body positive crusaders to follow now on Instagram

by Margie Ashcroft

“five body positive Instagram crusaders to add to your follow list.”