HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 38, 2018

September 14 - September 20, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

by Michael Hobbes

“Years from now, we will look back in horror at the counterproductive ways we addressed the obesity epidemic and the barbaric ways we treated fat people—long after we knew there was a better path.’


British Science Festival: The Weight of Expectation

by Alan Barker

“Our approach to obesity, he says, is unfair, ineffective and needs to change.”


Are School Health Lessons Harming Kids?

by Leslie Schilling

“any body composition testing in schools that doesn’t take into account a student’s stage of maturity is going to be hopelessly inaccurate. And a health teacher has no business assessing a child’s pubertal development.”


Super Proud Non-Diet Dietitian...

by Lori Short-Zamudio

“Being a non-diet, HAES dietitian for me is, doing what is best for those around me. Listening to others experiences, and doing all the work…and when I say all the work I mean all the work. Learn about marginalized bodies and identities. Learn about oppression. Take time to evaluate yourself and your work. Have those hard conversations that need to be had. Don’t draw a line in the sand."


Why Your Desk Job Is So Damn Exhausting

by Yossi Rathner and Mark Schier

“People most likely to have brain freeze also tend to suffer from migraines, suggesting a common underlying mechanism for both.”


Underwear brand Marco Marco features all Trans models at New York Fashion Week

by Attitude UK

“the all transgender show marks an important landmark for an industry in which many brands only pay lip service to diversity.”Let’s hope for some size and anatomical diversity here soon too- not all trans-men look like this!


How to stop hating exercise: Let’s explore your thoughts

by Jodie Arnot

"Exercise is simply sustained movement. It doesn’t have to be fast, sweaty, or leave you sore.”


An open letter to social media influencers and bloggers

by Sarah Pannell

“my plea to you is to be wary that what worked for you could very well cause harm to another. Many who are vulnerable get sucked into “health diets” and instead of improving their health, they now find themselves battling an eating disorder.“


My PCOS story, and what I've found to work.

by Shira Rose

“In hindsight, I was able to see that although everyone around me thought I was finally so incredibly “healthy,” I was FAR from it.”


Three reminders to help you thrive—not merely survive—in grad school

by Neil A. Lewis, Jr.

“If you don’t remember your reasons, you can easily fall into a trap of chasing (ill-fated) metrics of success instead of working on projects of purpose.”


A widower 'full of regret' offers advice to a young woman

by BBC UGC & Social News

“It still hurts me to think of the days and months where she was eating less in the hopes that I’d love her more,” he wrote. “It makes me angry at myself.”


Don't pressure your picky eater -- it doesn't work

by Meredith Digital Staff

“Kids do better with eating when they get their parents undivided, positive attention,” said Satter, adding the rule also applies when serving take-out or going to a restaurant. “However you put together a meal, it’s still important to sit down together and pay attention to each other when you eat it.”


Resources for Living with an Imperfect Body

by Toni Jackson

“You are so much more than your body. Your body is one fraction of many, varied aspects that make up who you are.You can also define yourself by aspects such as what you love doing, what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, your beliefs, your goals and your cultural and social identities.”


Please Don't Teach My Kids To Diet: 5 Resources To Give Teachers and Schools

by Anna Lutz

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen first hand children whose eating disorders were triggered by a nutrition lesson or school “wellness” program.”


For Elderly Women With Breast Cancer, Surgery May Not Be the Best Option

by Paula Span