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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 39, 2018

September 21 - September 27, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

I've been Gooped!

by James Marriot

“as I walked in it struck me that this was the sort of place where I should keep my views about the all-curative properties of Lemsip to myself.”


Corporate sponsorship diverts research and distorts public policy, report finds

by Christopher Knaus

“Bias in the research agenda can produce results that support only certain policy responses to tackle pressing public health problems, which in turn affect the population’s health.”


Weight Watchers Is Changing Its Name. Here’s Why It Can’t Survive As A Diet-Only Brand.

by Lauren Strapagiel

“They’ve contributed in a huge way to the unrealistic standards of body size that we see today...telling women they’re fat because they’re overindulgent or emotional overeaters.”


'Somebody Has To Speak Up For Us': What It's Like To Change The Picture Of Obesity With Your Photo

by Jamie Feldman

“While impactful, one article cannot alter the perception or treatment of people on its own. In a continued effort to raise up the voices of the participants and encourage others to speak out, we followed up with a few of the people involved in the piece.”


Weight Watchers has dropped 'weight' from its name. But that's not enough.

by Rebecca Scritchfield

“Dropping the word ‘weight’ in favor of wellness appears more politically correct, even though they are just rebranding the concept of dieting”