HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 40, 2018

September 28 - October 4, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

How This Millennial Brings Body Positivity To Her Yoga Practice

by Dominique Fluker

“Every day, I make a commitment to stand above the noise of our society in order to see the inherent beauty of each and every being on this planet, myself included.”


Fluctuating Metabolic Measurements May Be Risky

by Jeff Minerd

“Individuals whose glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight constantly went up and down were at higher mortality and cardiovascular risk, even though they did not have diabetes or heart disease”


My Perfect Instagram Life Hid My Battle With Orthorexia

by Poorna Bell

“Recommending total social media honesty is largely going to fall on deaf ears because our capitalist societies still lionize youth, slimness and financial success, and it’s difficult to escape that conditioning.”


Financial Instability, Food Insecurity, Medication, and Intuitive Eating

by Sarah Thompson

“How do you eat intuitively when you don’t have enough money and you are consistently unsatisfied and hungry?"


How To Talk To Your Kids About Consent (At Any Age)

by Joni Edelman

“Continue to remind them that they are in charge of their body. No one, NO ONE, should be touching it unless there is a medical reason to do so.”


{Intuitive Eating with a Chronic Condition} Principle #8: Respect Your Body

by Vincci Tsui

“respecting your body also includes respecting your chronic condition.”


Dieting is being re-branded 'wellness', but does that mean it works?

by Kasey Edwards

"Weight loss is a business model that relies on false hope, self-loathing and very short memories, and increasingly, with the body positivity movement gaining traction, it’s becoming harder to sell.”


China has a big fat problem with US-style 'Body Positivity'

by Nicholas Groffman

Interesting insight into anti-fat bias vs body positivity in China

CW: still very weight centric, attributes increases in weight to fast food availability and a few other infuriating assumptions


Exclusive: This Powerful Portrait Series Shows Body Positivity Is More Than a Trend​

by Kaleigh Fasanela

“What if diversity is just a mainstream focus for now because it can be capitalized on?”


I failed at modelling body positivity for my kids. So I'm trying this approach instead.

by Clare Gillespie

“I don’t love every part of my body, but I value and accept it in its entirety. I do love my kids, which is why I’m teaching them that you don’t have to love your body to have a healthy relationship with it.“


Ask Bodyposipanda: How Do I Deal With People Saying I've 'Let Myself Go' Since Finding Body Positivity?

by Megan Jayne Crabbe

“spending our lives playing by the rules only makes sense if the game is real. And it’s not. The game of winning in Dietland is the greatest illusion that’s ever been crafted.”


Requiem for a Weight Watcher

by Fluffy Kitten Party

“I can say, without a doubt, that [Weight Watchers] is the diet that has wreaked the most havoc on my life.”

CW: powerful and detailed account of dieting and restriction


Learning To Restrict Calories Isn't College Wellness — It's Dangerously Unhealthy

by Ragen Chastain

“In addition to this class being utterly inappropriate and fatphobic, it’s dangerous. The University has no way of knowing the circumstances of each student — who might be on the edge of an eating disorder, who might be in the throes, and who is trying to recover."


More than a third of nurses have PTSD; a third of doctors are burned out.

by Vlad Dragan, Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith, & Joshua Tepper

“the individual carries the brunt of responsibility for wellness in a dysfunctional system."


Good food, bad food, and subversive food combining.