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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 41, 2018

October 5 - October 11, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

3 Ways Public Health Professionals Can Combat Weight Stigma

by Kendrin Sonneville and Katherine Bauer

“There is a perverse fear that if our society accepts larger bodies, the health of our population will plummet. Meanwhile, over a decade of research demonstrates that weight stigma harms individual and the public’s health”


Weight Stigma Is One Of The Last Socially Acceptable Forms Of Discrimination

by Michael Hobbes

“One of the tragedies of stigma is that it’s always the people most victimized by it who have to do the work of solving it. Even though it was never their problem to begin with.”

Note: if only we had so few forms of socially accepted discrimination that this could be one of the last ones- it’s a terrible title!


Take the Cake: Why Fat Liberation Isn’t About Whether Fat People Are Healthy

by Virgie Tovar

“I see the path to fat justice as one paved through the assertion of and insistence upon fat people’s full humanity and our right to a life free from discrimination — not our health status.”


The Australian Health Curriculum – Is it helping or harming our children?

by Kelly, Embracing Nutrition

“To children, food is part of their daily routine, rituals or celebrations and something that engages their senses. Food is not understood with abstract dominant adult-like nutrition messages. Children connect to food with their relationship to food rather than what’s considered healthy and unhealthy. Complex health messages like nutrients....require a level of understanding beyond a child’s cognitive ability.”


Diet mindset and exercise: Are you mixing the two?

by Jodie Arnot

“Physical activity has so many wonderful benefits for our mental and physical health, however these are often overshadowed by the perpetual focus on weight and appearance.“