HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 42, 2018

October 12 - October 18, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

Never too much: Reflections on accessibility and fatness

by Gabrielle Hruska

“I had to leave the room, because I was about to explode with grief and anger. My mom was celebrating losing 10 pounds, because CANCER WAS EATING HER BODY. I was not angry with my mom. My mom is a victim of society. A society that tells us that we are worthless unless we are thin. And I say, “FUCK THAT”.”


Why do so many women have a complex relationship with food?

by Alix Walker

“Even those of us who claim to have a completely healthy relationship with food will often, when pressed, have rules, routines and assumed associations with certain food types that are rarely backed by science.”


Positive Body Image in Men

by Jessica Alleva

“when men feel positively about their body, they are also likely to experience greater well-being. Confirming other research more broadly, feeling good about our own body – not feeling negatively or ashamed – is related to better health.”


A new trend in health care: the ‘nondiet dietitian’

by Cara Rosenbloom

“Focusing on wellness instead of weight is linked to people making better lifestyle choices, which can lower triglycerides; improve cholesterol; reduce rates of disordered eating, binge eating and emotional eating; and boost self-esteem and body image”


9 Common Mistakes Parents Make About Their Kid’s Weight

by Judith Matz

“telling kids that dieting is the way to become happier and healthier, when there is no scientific evidence to support long-term success is harmful”


5 ways to reduce cancer risk that have nothing to do with weight

by Tamar Rothenberg

“This is the time to enlist your body as an ally, and not merely see it as a stumbling block.”


What to do if your child is teased for being 'fat'

by Kasey Edwards

"Parents can be powerful agents to build body confidence and body trust. Be mindful of how you talk about your body, their body and other people’s bodies. People should never be shamed for their bodies. Ever.”


Fatal Fat Shaming? How Weight Discrimination May Lead To Premature Death

by Rachel Zimmerman

"The new analysis found that weight discrimination was associated with an increase in mortality risk of nearly 60 percent ... and also that the increased risk "was not accounted for by common physical and psychological risk factors." In other words, the health effects of the discrimination were teased out from the health effects of the weight itself."


Raising Health Expectations for Schizophrenia Patients

by Julia Brown

“Antipsychotic drugs can significantly damage cardiovascular and “physical” health in the process of alleviating acute psychotic symptoms. The labour of self-improvement in regard to health thus becomes more complicated.”


Everything we know about obesity is wrong, and everything about who we listen to on the subject of fatness and fatphobia is bullshit

by Hess Love

“those who have the most privilege exercise that privilege in a way that ironically continues to elevate them and sideline the voices of the marginalized people they attempt to speak on behalf of.”


Researchers calling for end of 'fat' taboo

by Newstalk ZB

“Researchers from three of our universities are calling for an end to fat shaming.”



Recovery Tools

by Christie, Me and My ED

Lovely graphics and resources for body acceptance and eating disorder recovery work


What is Self-Compassion and How can we Integrate it into our Everyday Lives?

by Erica Leon

“It is through self-compassion we can....begin to move beyond a self-punishing way of relating to our bodies and embrace the fact that we are all imperfect humans just trying to do our best.”


Take The Cake: No One Gets To Tell You What Your Body Looks Like

by Virgie Tovar

“I’m here to tell you once and for all: your body is yours.”