HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 43, 2018

October 19 - October 25, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

Superfoods like acai and goji berries are popular, but what makes them 'super', and are they worth your money?

by Tegan Taylor

“throwing "super" labels on food reinforces the myth that eating healthily is expensive, and that a single food can be enough to compensate for an otherwise unhealthy diet or lifestyle"


14 Things Your Loved One With An Eating Disorder Wants You To Know (But Is Afraid To Tell You)

by Lisette Hoschek

“Eating disorders are prevalent, complicated, and often stigmatized. People struggling with them typically have difficulty speaking up and expressing their needs directly."


What to do about trolling, beyond “just letting it go”

by Your Fat Friend

“Even with the best intentions, responding to trolling with just let it go renounces any responsibility to combat this troubling, pervasive phenomenon. It makes us complicit in the spread of trolling, tacitly allowing it by insisting that it has become a fact of life that simply cannot be helped."


The food supplement that ruined my liver

by Jim McCants

“at least 80 cases of liver injury linked to green tea supplements have been reported around the world, ranging from lassitude and jaundice to cases requiring liver transplants.


Choosing a dietitian – do some research first

by Terrille Bruere

“to work in areas that involve change in peoples lives or emotional or mental health concerns you need both post graduate training and a commitment to ongoing self reflective practice.”


Your #mealprep obsession could signal an eating disorder

by Lauren Steussy

“platforms like Instagram have amplified orthorexia, especially since food culture is so emphasized on it.”


How to respond to client disclosures of trauma when you're not a therapist

by Jenna Daku

"You may not be qualified to explore and support them to heal from their trauma, but as a human being in a helping profession you are definitely equipped to offer them the human experience of compassion, empathy, and kindness.”


Why “natural” food has become a secular stand-in for goodness and purity

by Rachel Sugar

"the idea that natural is synonymous with good and unnatural is synonymous with evil really does run through history strongly — it’s just how we conceive of what’s natural that gets complicated.”


3 Practices For Coping With Body Image Distress In Recovery

by Sarah Rzemieniak

“the fear that I might never feel at peace in my body was one of the biggest obstacles to being able to give up my eating disorder behaviors and fully recover.”


Rise of the 'fat activist'

by Rosemarie Lentini

“Over-emotive language that is medically inaccurate means we’re not having a holistic, serious conversation about health”


First Female Viking Warrior Proved Through DNA

by Kristina Killgrove

“Though some Viking women buried with weapons are known....a female warrior of this importance has never been determined, and Viking scholars have been reluctant to acknowledge the agency of women with weapons."


5 Porn Stars Debunk The Myth Of The Perfect "Porn Pussy"

by Lux Alptraum

"It’s just another sales tactic to shame women into thinking their beautiful, unique, life-giving [genitalia] aren’t good enough.”


Take The Cake: A Fat Babe Donated Her Wardrobe to Goodwill & This Happened

by Virgie Tovar

“Before I left the store I offered up a little prayerful promise – silently – to keep her clothes in the family. And to pass them on to another fat babe when the time was right.”


Infertility And Feminism: When Pregnancy Is Political

by Cecily Kellog

“choosing to be a mother is a feminist decision. As a fully-informed, long-time feminist, I walked into pregnancy and parenting with my eyes wide open and fully aware of the magnitude of my decision.”


'Soft porn' and Instagram: how plastic surgeons fuel body image anxiety