HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 44, 2018

October 26 - November 1, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

‘We’re setting whānau up to fail’: rethinking the Māori approach to obesity

by Leonie Hayden

“He hopes that more healthcare practitioners will move away from the ‘personal responsibility’ narrative and the biomedical model, and frame the message in terms of relationships.”


Your poo is (mostly) alive. Here's what's in it

by Vincent Ho

Know your sh!t 😃


Reading (and Understanding) Scientific Literature Isn’t Easy. Here’s a Guide to Help.

by Brenda Wingfield

“In a world full of half truths, simplistic and misleading summaries, and outright “fake news,” being able to read and engage with scientific literature can be a powerful weapon.”


The Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Language of Dieting

by Amanda Mull

“If people internalize the idea that changing your body should be as simple and necessary as cleaning up old files on your laptop, then the stakes for those who don’t or can’t do it could easily become even more severe.”


Rubella is officially eradicated from Australia

by Rose Brennan

“WHO has given Australia the eradication status because all spread of rubella can now be traced back to imported cases with no ongoing outbreaks that have lasted longer than 12 months.”


What’s really scaring the parents at Halloween?

by Rachel Wilson

“Let’s start with getting the facts straight on sugar”


A beginners' guide to the Non-diet / HAES approach

by Alison Stewart

"It has taken me hundreds of hours (literally) of listening to podcasts, reading, webinars and attending professional development days to see how diet culture manipulates, oppresses and takes away a person’s ability to be their true, authentic self. I hear it from my clients who are living it. I emotionally identify with them and so desperately want them to see what I can see.”


How to be a good Indigenous ally

by Summer May Finlay

"how do non-Aboriginal people support us but avoid paternalism and cultural appropriation? Well, the truth is there is no simple answer, and good intentions often aren’t enough. In lieu of an 'ally rulebook', here are some tips which may help non-Aboriginal people stay on the right side of THAT line."


Eating disorders are alarmingly common among pregnant women, and almost no one talks about it

by Caroline Praderio

“Pregnancy is a time of immense change in the human body. For people with eating disorders (EDs for short) – a group of illnesses linked by fixations on weight, food, and body size – these changes can spark profound distress."CW: includes descriptions and accounts of eating disorder behaviours.


'You can't undo surgery': More parents of intersex babies are rejecting operations

by Julie Compton

“Since she couldn’t predict the gender her child would didn’t seem like her decision to make.”


Activist Virgie Tovar on the realities of ‘fatphobia’ and why diets don’t work

by Lucy Pavia

“Fat people experience more anxiety in our daily lives. We experience the effects of something called “minority stress” — the negative physiological outcomes of discrimination, cruelty, and social ostracization over a lifetime.”


The First Thing You Will Notice About Me

by Your Fat Friend

"The first thing I will notice about you is the look in your eyes.”


Why Ugliness Is Vital in the Age of Social Media

by Alok

“If we didn’t live in an ableist society, we would recognize that our bodies are all different and have different capacities. Most of us are trying to squeeze our bodies into capitalism.”


Goals vs. Intentions

by Michelle May

“intention setting is the practice of living in alignment with your values now....Unlike hoping you’ll accomplish a goal that you’ll celebrate (or cross off) in the future, your beautiful life unfolds moment by moment.”


Stop being snobby about tinned food, cook says as she writes first canned food recipe book since 1939

by Helena Horton

"cookery doesn’t have to be this elitist or fashionable thing you