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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 47, 2018

November 16 - November 22, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

White Supremacy, Colonialism, and Fatphobia are inherently tied to each other

by Hess Love

”Just as our society does not trust fat people, it does not trust Black people to speak about our marginalization as a phenomenon that lives within reason and logic.”


Leaky Brain, Leaky Gut: Are They Real?

by Harriet Hall

“‘Leaky brain’ gives functional medicine doctors the excuse to read unwarranted conclusions into non-standard lab tests and to play trial-and-error with patients on a long-term basis, experimenting with diet, lifestyle changes, and dietary supplements.”


To the newspaper that encouraged “discreetly” photographing fat airline passengers

by Your Fat Friend

"I am a fat passenger, and I will board a plane next week.I am the person your video is about.“


Mindful Eating: A Path to True Fitness

by Siobhan Colgan

“Fit, strong bodies come in all shapes and sizes,” she reminds us. “And the goal of mindful eating is to take the stress and confusion out of it and allow us to feel fully in charge of our eating instead.”


Time to come out: Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m intersex

by Sarah Hendrica Bickerton

“including all parts of society (however messy and scary) is fundamentally important.”


10 People Who Have Dealt With Eating Disorders Share What Recovery Looks Like for Them

by Brittany Risher

“just like with any other mental health condition (be it depression or OCD) recovery from an eating disorder is not black and white. Everyone’s recovery story, and even their definition of “recovery,” is unique and personal.”


Why It’s OK to be Dieting {And Why I’m Still Anti-Diet Anyway}

by Vincci Tsui

“it’s about not taking Dietland or Donutland at face value – rather, examining the experiences we’ve had and the lessons we’ve learned from both of those extremes to create a set of values and a way of living that is our own.”


I Battled My Body For 30 Years. Having A Transgender Daughter Changed Everything.

by Paria Hassouri

"deep down she knows that being a woman and its definition is in your mind and not defined by your body. If she is more sure of who she is at 14 than I have been of who I am my entire life, then I really have nothing to worry about.”


Moving Forward with Radical Self-Acceptance

by The Fix Staff

"focusing on self-compassion and radical self-acceptance is much more important [than self esteem] to people in recovery from trauma or substance abuse.”


Organization promotes Latina body positivity

by Melina Ortiz

“There was no way our ancestors survived all of this [colonialism] and had healthy ways to cope with it”


How Body Positive Activist Jessamyn Stanley Inspired Me to Get Back Into Yoga

by Angela Johnson

“Instead of working on picture perfect alignment, I’m getting to a place of comfort with finding ‘alignment that feels picture perfect in MY body’.”


Your Family's Hurtful Comments About Your Body Are Deeper Rooted Than You Think

by Kayla Greaves

“families may also be policing appearances our based on their own body insecurities — which can be amplified when food is present.”


So, Tell Me About Your Relationship With Food Growing Up?

by Linda Tucker

"Our relationship with food is just that, a RELATIONSHIP! It’s a constant and necessary part of our every day life and it is inextricably linked to our emotions, friendships, families, traditions, self-care, energy, money, time, and celebrations.”


What's Eating Him?

by Anonymous

“why did it have to take nearly two decades before someone saw I had an eating disorder? Whether it’s 1982 when my eating disorder really began or 2018, eating disorders in males are terribly under-diagnosed.”


Autism and controlled eating

by Lucy Skye

“My autism diagnosis is recent and eye-opening. I can start to offer myself acceptance with my eating quirks...I am helped to do this by people around me showing acceptance, a lack of judgement and by not getting upset when I refuse their doughnuts.”


We Finally Understand That Gender Isn’t Binary. Sex Isn’t, Either.

by Alexandra Kralick

“Science keeps showing us that sex also doesn’t fit in a binary, whether it be determined by genitals, chromosomes, hormones, or bones.”


Fat people can be fit too: meet the personal trainers who challenge every stereotype

by Sirin Kale

“gyms became exclusionary places for the best part of half a century. It is only in recent years that a new wave of body-positive fitness pioneers has shown that fat people can be fit, too.”


Research &

Clinical Practice

Research opportunity!

Mother of a pre-school child aged between 2-5? We want to know your experiences with feeding your child and their food intake. Simply complete a 15 minute survey to win a $50 voucher!


A Qualitative Exploration of Weight Bias and Quality of Health Care Among Health Care Professionals Using Hypothetical Patient Scenarios

By Justine Seymour, Jennifer Barnes, Julie Schumacher and Rachel Vollmer

"The findings of this study suggest a need to educate HCPs on the importance of empathy and compassion when providing treatment to all patients, regardless of weight, to increase quality of care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”Seymour, Justine, et al. "A Qualitative Exploration of Weight Bias and Quality of Health Care Among Health Care Professionals Using Hypothetical Patient Scenarios." INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing 55 (2018): 0046958018774171.

Seymour, Justine, et al. "A Qualitative Exploration of Weight Bias and Quality of Health Care Among Health Care Professionals Using Hypothetical Patient Scenarios." INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing 55 (2018): 0046958018774171.


​Soapbox & Shareables

#Repost from @theintuitive_rd (Intuitive Bites Podcast) on Instagram: ・・・ I am not against you losing weight. And I am not against you for trying to lose weight. I get it. I am against the culture that made you believe trying to lose weight was the answer - to heath, to happiness, to success, to acceptance. I am against the culture that made you believe weight loss is a reasonable, achievable, beneficial goal for all people. I am against the culture that told you the best way to health is being at war with your body - monitoring its every calorie intake, depriving it of what its craving, and feeling like it’s not to be trusted. I am not against you. I will not shame you for your desire for weight loss. I will fight for you.

Researchers from QUT are looking for Australian adults to do a 20 minute online survey about body attitude and eating habits.

Can you help?


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