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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 48, 2018

November 23 - November 29, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

Many eating disorders start as a healthy eating regime

by Michelle McDonagh

”There is such secrecy around eating disorders and partners speak of treading on egg shells and of silence in the relationship. They are afraid to talk about it because they don’t want to upset their partner.”


People Need to Stop Policing What I Eat Because of My Body Size

by Lora Grady

“People like you take power away from women like me all the time. You dish out praise a little bit at a time, only to blindside us with criticism about our bodies.”


Following your gut: The Eating Instinct explores why food choices are so fraught

by Wency Leung

"Taking the nutritional value of food and extrapolating that into how we feel about our bodies and about our worth as people is a really, really dicey game.”


The weight-loss industry is trying to rebrand itself as the 'wellness' industry

by Jennifer Bowden

“It’s time we stopped worshipping the thin ideal at any cost and instead respected the diversity of sizes and shapes in the community. Anyone can eat intuitively and find enjoyable ways to keep active, irrespective of their size.”


Nutrition: Weight discrimination can impact people in all areas of their lives

by Leeann Weintraub

“One would think that the convening of top nutrition experts from across the country would foster discussion on diets and weight...In fact, one session at FNCE...laid out the complexity of the contrasting approaches to health and weight.”


You Had a Toxic Parent, But Your Siblings Say They Didn't

by Peg Streep

“For the daughter (or son) who’s trying to carve a different life out for herself, losing her entire family of origin and not getting validation from the people who shared her childhood add more layers to the complexity of recovery.”


Make No Mistake, We're Being Coached To Judge And Fear Fat People

by Christina Turner

“When we’re talking ‘body weight and health’ it’s not as simple as many health professionals and researchers originally thought.”


Things that cause cancer are all around us, if you believe the news — how worried should we be?

by Jo Khan

"The reality of the human calculation is that risk equals ‘what the f**k’ times ‘oh my god’”


Solving the Silence

by Olivia J. Killeen and Laura Bridges

"Overall, these situations are difficult to face and gender discrimination cannot be eradicated overnight. Although we do not know exactly what it will take to end gender-based harassment of trainees, we do know that holding our tongues is not the answer. We hope we have the courage to speak up.”


Health professionals warn parents about exercise, dieting and social media risks for children

by Nadia Isa

“What’s important is that young people are eating a variety of food … and they’re moving their body in any way they enjoy”

CW: problematic images appear with the article


Plus-Size Woman Starts a Body-Positive Dance Group for Her Fellow Overweight Ladies After She Was Told She Was ‘Too Fat’ To Be a Dancer

by BCNN1

“It’s helped me to become a better person, it’s helped me to look at life differently, it’s helped me to come out of the dark cloud, the dark hole of depression and feeling less than.”


The Long and Successful Journey to Erase Detroit’s Food Desert Narrative

by Nicole Rupersburg

“With the combined efforts of businesses and nonprofit organizations, fresh, healthy food is more accessible in Detroit now than it has been in decades.”


Accidental counselling – when someone confides in you

by Beyond Blue

"you don’t need to be an expert to support someone. You also don’t have to help them address all their challenges during a single, unexpected conversation.”


Have you got a “self-actualised” personality? A new test brings Maslow’s ideas into the 21st century

by Christian Jarrett

“rediscovering the principles of self-actualisation may be just the tonic that the modern world is crying out for.”


Being a Smart Consumer When It Comes To Your Body

by Maria Paredes

“Not only do diets and weight-loss efforts typically not work, they often do not promote health but rather become a large obstacle to health.”


Dear Family Members during the Holidays

by Elizabeth Hall

“We can stop perpetuating the cycle of body hatred and anxiety around food. It starts by supporting our children in the bodies that they have and helping them to thrive and grow, not shrink and think they need to change their bodies to be ok.”


Inaccessible Justice Movements Aren't Just

by Shannon Dingle

“No, I won’t applaud someone for finally treating disabled people like we’re fully human, because that’s simply what we deserve.”


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