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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 49, 2018

November 30 - December 6, 2018

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Articles & Blogs


by Amazonialove

”The most marked similarities between “fitness culture” and diet culture is the notion that in order to make progress, “loss” is necessary and “restriction” (as in manipulation of macros and calories) is essential. It is the focus on “loss” that makes fitness very much an echo of diet culture”


My Wish for Those With PCOS Who Feel Like the Doctor's Office Is a Battle Zone

by Erin Valentine

“Since we live in a society obsessed with outward appearance, women with PCOS tend to feel ashamed purely from a genetic illness that they had no control over getting.”


'I wasn't skinny yet': Why Jess' illness went under the radar

by Laura Placella

"adolescents who have lost large amounts of weight should be assessed for a possible eating disorder, no matter their size”


Tummy Troubles

by Gwyneth Olwyn

“Allergy, intolerance and sensitivity are often identified by those with eating disorders as reasons for not being able to reintroduce a broad array of foods back into the diet.”

Great (long) piece detailing how to navigate food avoidance and physical gut pain in people with an eating disorder, including self-diagnosed intolerances.


'My Obsession With Bodybuilding Made My Hair Fall Out’

by Rini Frey as told to Rachael Schultz

“I went from being obsessed with being skinny to being obsessed with being lean. I wanted my abs and veins to pop and I wanted muscular glutes and lean arms. Looking back at pictures, I’m still shocked at how small I really was. But at the time, I thought I wasn’t lean enough.”

CW: Account of eating disordered behavior and food intake and contains moderately problematic after/before body images