HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 50, 2018

December 7 - December 13, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

Bad Science?

by Matthew Abrahams

”we need to be really cautious about how we interpret the findings that come from [mindfulness and meditation studies] and to keep in mind that they do have limitations. We could use them as a jumping-off point to create good studies, and then we can get good scientific evidence rather than stuff that’s biased."


Why Eating Disorder Treatment is Failing Us All

by Sararh Thompson

“even if someone had educated me on what eating disorders were, I don’t think I would have even thought that I was included in that definition. And that, in and of itself, is part of the problem. I had all the symptoms, but because I was fat, it seemed impossible that I could be struggling with something socially defined as a disorder that seemed to exclusively affect smaller people.”

CW: graphic account of eating disorder behaviours


'White Fragility' author Robin DiAngelo asks why white people are so 'fragile' discussing race

by Sarah Malik

"The ultimate goal is to understand how to go beyond defensiveness, to acknowledge and affirm how we are implicated and benefit from institutional racism”


City of Freiburg has a brilliant alternative to disposable coffee cups

by Katherine Martinko

“The Freiburg Cup is proof that creative green alternatives [to disposable coffee cups] do exist; its model could easily be exported elsewhere around the world.”


'Tis the season to feel guilty - wait, what? How to tune out diet culture noise and tune into your joy this holiday season

By Colleen Reichmann

“Diet culture is a legit Grinch. It’s voice is there, in all of our ears, all year long. But come holiday season, grinchy scroogey diet culture capitalizes on our food focus by getting even louder.”


The athletes starving themselves for success

by Ben Robinson

“Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (Red-S)...occurs when sports people restrict their diet in the belief that constant weight loss will keep improving performance, to such an extent that some of the body’s functions begin to shut down.”


Dealing with an eating disorder

by Tom Fairbrother

“The vast majority of club runners are already at or below a healthy weight, so the obsession with the scales and driving down this number to get faster is misguided, short-sighted and dangerous, especially as weight and BMI are extremely poor indicators of fitness and health.”


Time to Question Obesity-Based Cutoffs in Kidney Transplantation?

by Randy Dotinga

"it’s time to treat obesity as one risk factor among many others and not as an independent and additional hurdle for transplant listing.”


Medicare help to treat eating disorders


"It is not only the largest single step forward for eating disorders, it is the first time there has ever been a dedicated eating disorders item or set of treatment services available under Medicare”


Hannah Gadsby meets Roxane Gay: ‘Trolls get incensed by a woman daring to think she's funny. I'm very funny’

by Rebecca Nicholson

“Writing about rape wasn’t the hardest part about writing Hunger, at all. It was writing about fatness, and thinking about my body in this world, and the kind of issues that people throw in your way.”


Food Addiction: The science shows us it's not a thing.

by Tzivie Pill

“at this point in time it is inappropriate to diagnose an individual with a food addiction. Rather, a clinician should explore the possibility that what might be classified as a food addiction may be more properly diagnosed as binge eating disorder.”


New Australian study busts anorexia myths

by Mahsa Fratantoni

“It’s actually the size of the weight loss that determines a person’s risk, rather than the end point of weight...We see this in adults in the healthy weight or above healthy weight range as well.”Good to see better recognition of AN at every size, pity it’s still deemed ‘atypical’ due to weight bias.

CW: end is weight biased


F*** Thin; I Choose Fat

by cannebodyhearme

“the body you leave behind is no comfort to those who love you, because it becomes vividly clear at the moment of death that you are not your body.”

CW: contains some gloriously NSFW language


​Research & Clinical Practice

The emergence and characteristics of the Australian Mamil

by Adrian E Bauman, Katrina Blazek, Lindsey Reece and William Bellew

“The habitat of the Mamil [middle aged man in lycra] is predominantly in affluent suburbs of major cities, often near water...Mamils provide mutual midlife support for each other and engage in challenging cycling on expensive machines, but may not contribute to increasing overall physical activity levels among adult Australians.”

A worthy joint winner of the Medical Journal of Australia’s Christmas Competition 😂😂

Bauman, A. E., et al. "The emergence and characteristics of the Australian Mamil." The Medical journal of Australia 209.11 (2018): 490-494.