HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 51, 2018

December 14 - December 20, 2018

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Articles & Blogs

12 Reasons To Ditch The Diet Mentality

by Christine Byrne

”while healthy eating is definitely important, a good relationship with food and your body is important, too”


Why I’m an Anti-Diet Dietitian—and What That REALLY Means

by Christy Harrison

“my colleagues and I in the anti-diet movement use the phrase “anti-diet dietitian” to help show people who are wary of dietitians and anything with “diet” in the name that they’re safe with us, and that diet culture has no home here.”


SHAPE: How can you help spread body positivity?

by Rebecca Maher

"having that safe space to just talk about things that are usually hard really helps you progress and mature as a person.”


Boob Nation: Exploring How The Body Positive Movement Went Tits-Up

by Pandora Sykes

“I became bored of disliking myself, tired of finding a reason to condemn myself, and I grew exhausted of avoiding certain outfits that would reveal the posture of my boobs”


Nigella Lawson Slams ‘Hatred of Fat’ After Revealing TV Stations Airbrush Her Stomach

By Samantha Leffler

“One is expected to be a certain shape and it’s not a shape that many women are naturally.”


Diet Culture and Diet Mentality

by Nina Mills

“The more people that can see diet culture for what it is and start actively pushing back against it, the sooner we will shift away from diet culture and towards a new culture that accepts and values ALL bodies."


Feeling lonely or sad this holiday season? Here's how to take care of yourself

by Grace Jennings-Edquist

“At a time when Instagram, Facebook and other platforms are bound to be flooded with joyous family portraits and fun party snaps, it’s worth considering whether scrolling through social media may be making you feel worse.”


Is Orthorexia the Eating Disorder for the Digital Age?

by Jancee Dunn

"One of the hardest issues to overcome...was the sense of superiority, that healthy eating is disciplined and morally right...But there is righteousness in flexibility and variety...Now my day doesn’t revolve around food...I feel free to travel, to dine out, to be fully present with my children. Now I feel free to live.”


Will I Gain Weight?….and other fears around ditching diets for good

by Laura Jean

"When we lift the physical and mental restriction associated with diets and ‘diet mindset’ this out of control feeling actually goes away. If your body is confident that it’s getting enough food it sees no reason to kick into survival mode.”


Consent covertly obtained is not genuine consent in healthcare

by Phil O'Sullivan and Claudia Hall

“it is critical that organisations go beyond mere legal compliance to build trust with individuals. The reality is that consent that is covertly obtained is not genuine consent.”


Understanding the "Picky Eater"

by Natasha Swinney

“I felt a lot of shame in connection with food while I was growing up, which was something I wasn’t able to process until I was much older. Space, to explore on my own, would have helped.”


‘Tis the season for the weight gain guilt trip

by Kristin Hall

“If you are in a position of influence in someone’s life, give them the gift of heavenly silence this festive season and don’t comment on what they eat, if they’ve gained or lost weight, or how many calories you think three plates of cheese platter has in it.”


What is it like to work with a non-traditional, non-stereotypical, non-diet, weight-inclusive [and radical] dietitian?

by Bethany Wheeler

“What is it like to work with a non-traditional, non-stereotypical, non-diet, weight inclusive dietitian? Here is what I can say about what I do as a non-diet, weight inclusive [and radical] dietitian."


Chronic Illnesses do not take Holidays

by Lori Short-Zamudio

“Any person that has a chronic illness does not get a pass that day. Their body does not transform from “the holiday magic”. So the struggle that they have everyday is still there: compounded with the attempt to not show everyone what they are going through. “


Is it safe to use essential oils?

by Rachel Smith