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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 3, 2019

January 11 - January 17, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Healing alone: the story of a first-year doctor and a widower in hospital

by Isabel Hanson and Safdar Ahmed

"The proudest day of Grace’s life was graduating as a doctor. Then she began treating patients"


Obesity, Poverty, and Health Inequality

by Anthony Warner

“The fear and revulsion that we have for people who are poor and fat comes from our unwillingness to accept that our own success is anything other than luck.”


The Truth About Fat

by Anthony Warner

"Real improvement comes from miles upstream of vegetables and home cooking. Change only happens when people’s lives are given meaning and value. Fix those problems, and then it might be worth helping them learn to cook Bolognese.”

CW: some weight centric content


Plus-Size Woman Becomes Yoga Teacher After Noticing Lack of Diversity Among Instructors

by Chelsea Ritschel

“I wanted to help people in marginalised bodies understand they can de-stigmatise exercise and actually find joy in it instead of shame or a fleeting end result.”


I love my body and want to dress in clothes that make me feel amazing

By Matilda Dixon-Smith

“Contrary to apparent popular opinion in the Australian fashion industry, just because I’m fat does not mean I don’t want to look good. I love my body, and I want to dress it in good clothes that make me feel amazing.”