HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 6, 2019

February 1 - February 14, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Top 5 Myths about Atypical Anorexia

by Molly In Progress

"The eating disorder treatment and recovery field exists in a world riddled with weight discrimination. A significant amount of those suffering from [anorexia] never receive treatment due to the stigma of weight bias. The truth is that a restrictive eating disorder does not have “a look.” The only difference between a diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa and Atypical Anorexia is the weight. That is it.”


'Be Anything You Want. Just Don't Be Fat'

by Carrie Dennes

“Parents should know they’re not being given informed consent [for this weight loss trial for adolescents]...This study is unacceptable by scientific standards. But being fat means you don’t need to be told the risks?”


6 “Conscious Uncouplings” to Make for a Better Relationship with Food & Body

by Vincci Tsui

"Using weight/weight gain as a measure of self-care implies that people of higher weight “aren’t taking care of themselves properly,” which is really fatphobia in a nutshell and frankly, total bullshit”


Tommy - Can You Hear Me?

by Elizabeth E. Hall

“the true Elephant in the room is not your size - it’s weight bias and stigma and all the other things that create this cycle of inner churning and create relationships with food and body that are damaging and destructive.“


The plus-size era is over before it began

By Daphne Howland

“there’s a lot of unmet demand from women that are not size 0 to 12, from ages of 15 to 65 — from all women. Younger millennials and Gen Z have given voice to this, but it ripples throughout the entire female population.”


How to Teach Children to Love Their Bodies

by Jill Castle

“It can be hard for children to make sense of the various media messages surrounding thinness, fitness and health, but it’s essential if you want to raise children who appreciate their own and others’ body diversity.”


Weight Gain in Bulimia Recovery

by Elisha Carcieri

“living at a suppressed weight has a significant impact on bulimic behaviors, increasing the likelihood of binge eating (potentially through a brain-based biobehavioral self-preservation mechanism), and subsequently purging.”


6 Strategies for Accepting Your Weight Exactly As It Is

by Margarita Tartakovsky

"It’s really hard to accept your weight in a culture that promotes the idea that with enough dedication, focus and commitment, your weight can (and should) be changed.

It’s really hard to accept your weight when others criticize it, when you’re told your weight is unhealthy, or unattractive, or wrong.

It’s really hard to accept your weight when everyone around you hates their’s, when everyone is trying out the latest diet, the latest detox, the latest workout routine.

Yes, it is really hard.

But it’s not impossible.

I turned to two excellent experts for insights on exactly how we can accept our weight right now.”


Fashion Announces The Existence Of Plus-Size Women

by Kathleen O'Mara

“We admit, we were a little embarrassed to learn that we have not been making clothing or marketing to over half the population of women, but then we remembered that before now, they did not exist.”



Why ‘Don’t Make Enemies’ Is Cowardly Advice

by Vinay Prasad

“your job isn’t to make everyone happy. It is to fix the deep and pernicious failings of our profession. If someone doesn’t like you for doing that, that’s their problem.”


Weight Stigma 101

by Carolynne White

“The first two recommendations from the Senate’s “Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic in Australia” final report addressed weight stigma. But you wouldn’t know it.”


Risking Fat People’s Lives “For Their Health”

by Raegan Chastain

“when we are advocating for our health and healthcare, we are often advocating against a system that thinks that it’s worth killing us, or ruining our lives, to make us thin – no matter what we think.”


Unpacking Weight Loss Without Dieting

by Vania Phitidis

“If the world was safe for people at higher weights to exist, to get their needs met and to live without prejudice in the world, how many people would be ‘addicted’ to dieting?Probably none.”


The Thin White Men Who Rebranded Dieting As "Wellness"

by Virginia Sole-Smith

"there is still something fundamentally male about the willpower-weight myth. It turns eating—an activity that, at its core, should provide comfort just as much as nutrition—into a contest of self-discipline and deprivation, of pulling yourself up by your Vitamix blender rather than your bootstraps.”