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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 7, 2019

February 15 - February 21, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Addressing Medicine’s Bias Against Patients Who Are Overweight

by Rita Rubin

"the overwhelming evidence is that by recommending weight loss to your patient in a primary care appointment, when that’s not what they’re there for, does not help them” CW: this is JAMA so it’s still pretty weight centric


Before you bleat about what's in a lunchbox, check your privilege

by Emma Beckett

“Telling people to avoid processed foods without addressing the drivers that underpin those choices is like fighting a bushfire with a garden hose.”


Anorexia knows no body type — and thinking otherwise can be a barrier to treatment

by Carrie Dennett

"medical complications from severe calorie restriction can be serious at any body weight”


Race Weight

by Kate Grace

“Even in this specific and competitive world, I’ve only hindered myself when I focussed too much on how my body looks, as opposed to what it can do."

CW: account of disordered eating


Death Gave Me A Push

By Deborah, from My Mind My Body

“The illness and subsequent death of my father really put my eating issues into perspective. Food and my weight just didn’t seem all that important anymore”CW: discussion of grief and eating disorder