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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 11, 2019

March 15 - March 21, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Is 'Clean Eating' Good for You? Not Really.

by Christine Byrne

"Proper nutrition can play a big role in sports performance, but proper fueling has more to do with getting enough—enough energy, enough carbs, enough protein, enough fat, and enough fluid”


Hating your body doesn’t make you look after it

by Zali Yager

“We should be teaching the next generation that healthy behaviours are for everyone, regardless of appearance, and to be critical of advertisers and governments who promote weight loss at all costs.”


Hulu’s ‘Shrill’ is a hard, honest and beautiful portrait of a fat woman, and I should know

by Kelly Lawler

"Its thoughtful balance of ups and downs makes “Shrill” the single best and most realistic TV show ever to include a fat woman.”


Who Says Plus-Size Women Can’t Climb Kilimanjaro?

by Kathleen Rellihan

“show people that you can be both fit and fat. You can exercise and be athletic and be big. Hopefully, that will inspire more people who always thought that maybe this wasn’t for them because they didn’t have the right body for it.”


Adopting a more active lifestyle today could have benefits for your personality decades from now

By Christian Jarrett

“Although we may not usually think of physical activity as contributing to our personalities, in fact there is a close association between personality and our basic physiology, including our responsiveness to stress.”