HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 11, 2019

March 15 - March 21, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Is 'Clean Eating' Good for You? Not Really.

by Christine Byrne

"Proper nutrition can play a big role in sports performance, but proper fueling has more to do with getting enough—enough energy, enough carbs, enough protein, enough fat, and enough fluid”


Hating your body doesn’t make you look after it

by Zali Yager

“We should be teaching the next generation that healthy behaviours are for everyone, regardless of appearance, and to be critical of advertisers and governments who promote weight loss at all costs.”


Hulu’s ‘Shrill’ is a hard, honest and beautiful portrait of a fat woman, and I should know

by Kelly Lawler

"Its thoughtful balance of ups and downs makes “Shrill” the single best and most realistic TV show ever to include a fat woman.”


Who Says Plus-Size Women Can’t Climb Kilimanjaro?

by Kathleen Rellihan

“show people that you can be both fit and fat. You can exercise and be athletic and be big. Hopefully, that will inspire more people who always thought that maybe this wasn’t for them because they didn’t have the right body for it.”


Adopting a more active lifestyle today could have benefits for your personality decades from now

By Christian Jarrett

“Although we may not usually think of physical activity as contributing to our personalities, in fact there is a close association between personality and our basic physiology, including our responsiveness to stress.”


How Men Are Shattering the Stigma Around Eating Disorders

by Sara Lindberg

“Developing a healthy body image requires rethinking how we value ourselves as men...we as a society need to expand the definition of masculinity and encourage men to build a strong sense of self that comes from intelligence, kindness, creativity, empathy and ability to express themselves physically through athleticism, the arts and physical touch.”


Women can build positive body image by controlling what they view on social media

by Rachel Cohen, Amy Slater and Jasmine Fardouly

“we need to be more mindful of the content we are consuming. Considered choices about who we follow, and the messages they promote, might actually help us feel better"


Fellow Parents: Body Positivity starts with you. A fat woman’s perspective.

by Rebecca Hackett-Levy

"I am a preschool teacher and a mom. I have children call me fat all the time. Because they hear their parents say it. Because they hear their parents say it about themselves...Here is what you can do to help your child be body accepting of others and ultimately themselves”


On Productive Critique and Doing the Work in the Eating Disorders Field

by Andrea Lamarre

“Diversity is not an add-on or a bonus. Marginalization, access, and stigma (conscious and unconscious) need to be at the forefront of our thinking.”


Aboriginal women create mindfulness app in language, bringing outback meditation to the world

by Katrina Beavan

“This is for them, our families, to learn about all of these things that will help them look after themselves and keep them healthy in body and mind"


The rise of farming altered our bite and changed how people talk

by Bruce Bower

“Switching to...diets of softer, processed foods altered people’s jaw structure over time, rendering certain sounds like “f” and “v” easier to utter, and changing languages worldwide”


Body Politics: TV’s Slow Push Toward Size Acceptance

by Lara Zarum

“Why is it so hard for television executives to conceive of a leading lady — the character whose fears and desires and hopes and dreams audiences root for — who looks more like the average American woman than a runway model?”


How to Talk to Kids and Teens About World Trauma

by Karen Young

“Knowing that something has happened, but not having anybody explain things, is a really scary thing to feel for any of us. Our kids are no different. We all need context and assurance and it’s the facts that will provide this.”


Weight Bias in Dietetics Education

by Carrie Dennett

“Currently, fat dietitians or fat dietitians-in-training get the message they are not good PR to include on the front lines of health. Not only is this inaccurate—because we can’t judge a person’s health by size—but it’s discriminatory”


These 4 Podcasts Have Been Life-Changing in Healing My Relationship With Food