HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 14, 2019

April 5 - April 11, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

6 Scenarios Where Intentionally Changing Your Weight Doesn’t Make Sense – Even If You Think It Does

by Judith Matz

"Here are six common situations where people focus on weight loss – even though the pursuit of weight loss usually worsens, rather than helps, them.“


What to do when your tween daughter calls herself fat

by Ginny Jones

“Fatphobia has been neatly shrouded in the belief that people can criticize other people’s weight if they are concerned about that person’s health.”


Trans Eating Disorders Are All But Ignored by Medical Community

by Jodi Jaspan

"transgender youth are more likely to develop an eating disorder than their cisgender peers.”


More older women are struggling with eating disorders. Here are the warning signs.

by Kristen Sturt

“Increasingly...conditions like anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder (BED) are being diagnosed in adults—including those over 50.”


An Open Letter to Fitness Instructors Who Want to Help Their Clients

By Kathleen Meehan

“It’s...possible there is room to be a bit more thoughtful in your messaging, and consider how it may impact the people in the room."


Strategies for Teaching HAES® to Fat Phobic Physicians

by Lesley Williams

“‘Medical providers are often conditioned to treat the patient’s BMI, rather than the actual patient....This talk seeks to explore innovative ways to engage medical providers who are resistant to utilizing the HAES approach in their practices."


5 Things I Learned In Recovering From An Eating Disorder

by Danielle Lithwick

“recovery is usually not like walking across an open field with a clear sky and an endpoint in sight. It’s more like trekking through a wild jungle, constantly swatting flies away from your face and trying not to step on the snakes that pop up out of nowhere, doing everything you can to stay alive. You are hopeful that it’s possible to find your way out of the jungle, but it’s not always obvious how."


Do Not Snort Sugar: How Studies Can Be Misinterpreted

by Bruce Y. Lee

"Real scientists don't just decide that they are going to solve a problem, go in to a lab with all kinds of technology sitting around unused, work by themselves, and then emerge a few days later with a solution. Most real scientists also don't fly around in an Iron Man suit."


Too much wellbeing is making us sick

by Elizabeth Farrelly

“Wellbeing seems so self-evidently good that it escapes scrutiny, enabling it to slide from useful tool to expectation; of ourselves and of others. In fact, wellbeing has taken the place of morality. Instead of working to improve the world, we work to improve ourselves.”


Is 2019 the Year of the Fat Girl? Living in the Age of Lizzo and Shrill

by Margritte

“It is undeniable that “body positivity” was co-opted from fat activists by corporations eager to exploit the plus size dollar. But I can see clearly how this co-option, along with the decades of activism that preceded it, has led us to where we are today.”


Gillette’s latest ad exposes everything that’s wrong with how we think about health

by Elizabeth Di Filippo

“Weight and health are a far more complex topic than we could have imagined. It takes time to wrap our heads around the idea that what we think we know about health isn’t exactly true.”


'Fat chicks shouldn't wear lycra': The trauma of being heckled while exercising

by Caroline Zielinski

“Exercising to lose weight or for fitness was associated with lower quality of life, while exercising to improve mood or health was associated with higher quality of life.”


The Many Ways Airlines Mistreat Fat Passengers

by Ragen Chastain

“Despite the fact that they knew fat people existed when they built the planes, they are still building them like fat people don’t exist"


Health advice says we should exercise, sleep more and eat better. But it's not an option for all of us

by Patrick Wright

“if you aren’t able to afford or access quality fruit and vegetables for your meals, it can be deflating and isolating to read advice that assumes you can.”


Do you plan your life around your fitness schedule? You could be addicted to exercise

by Katinka van de Ven and Ornella Corazza