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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 16, 2019

April 19 - April 25, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Refeeding Syndrome and Sudden Death

by Brian Dunning

"a potentially fatal medical condition called refeeding syndrome [can arise when eating after long periods of severe starvation], where changes in body chemistry can trigger any of several causes of death.”

CW: discussion of holocaust


An exploration of differences between intuitive eating and mindful eating

by Lilia Graue

“both intuitive eating and mindful eating are practices that promote weight inclusivity and respectful care for all bodies”


Eating Disorders Before and After Bariatric Surgery

by Lauren Muhlheim

"A considerable number of people considering bariatric surgery may have an eating disorder. An existing eating disorder can make the outcome of bariatric surgery worse”


Why you gain belly fat after menopause (and why it's ok)

by Jessi Haggerty

“magazine and blog articles are swimming with information on how to lose weight post-menopause, but nobody is talking about just how harmful that mission might be.”


How Linus Pauling duped America into believing vitamin C cures colds

By Megan Theilking

“The idea that [vitamin C will] do much of anything for our colds is a stubbornly persistent myth”


Sofie Hagen: ‘Fat is a neutral word – I want us to reclaim it’

by Coco Khan

“‘To challenge fatphobia is to challenge capitalism and to see fat people in the context of other marginalised groups.”

Note: Pity the journalist still used a few ‘o’ words but overall piece is positive.


Inspired: This Campaign Featuring Plus Size Malaysian Women Poolside Are Giving Us LIFE!

by Marjenee Moon

“As the body positive movement gains steam, oftentimes, plus size models and women of Asian descent are still not usually included.”


Turns out, size 14 is no longer the average size for an American woman.

by Tod Perry

"we hope that the apparel industry can see the numbers and know that these women aren’t going away, they aren’t going to disappear, and they deserve to have clothing”


Are we really too busy to eat well?

by Bee Wilson

“time to enjoy food remains a basic human need, even as modern families, cuisine and patterns of work evolve.”


Eating Disorders and Body Image at Midlife and Beyond

by EDRDpro

"Although weight gain is normal and healthy for older women, the media and Western culture aggressively endorse a different narrative....Breaking down these toxic misconceptions are crucial to support prevention and treatment of eating disorders for women in midlife.”


Body Positivity In Entertainment Is About More Than Just Casting A Fat Lead

by Gianluca Russo

“Fatphobia is not like politics. There are not two sides to show and explore. Any content creator or network aiming to be body positive would only create stories that represent fat people in a truthful, sensitive way and do not belittle fat people, even in banter or asides.”


The Unbearable Weight of Fatphobia: A Conversation with Samantha Irby

by Sherronda J. Brown

“Whenever we talk about how absolutely pervasive this fatphobic culture is and how non-fat people actively participate in it, we get gaslighted by those committed to misunderstanding the fact that fatphobia is systemic and getting your feelings hurt is not."


Soapbox & Shareables

Yes, there is value in engaging in health enhancing behaviours like eating in a way that makes you feel physically and mentally good, moving your body in a way that makes you feel physically and mentally good, attending to your health needs by engaging in good self care as well as reaching out for help/advice/treatment in a timely manner etc. These things feel good now, they have relatively immediate short-term benefit.

All of these things also FEEL LIKE they should be reciprocated by longer-term PROTECTION against ill health. This is the kind of DEAL promised by those who advocate for intentional weight loss too. We all innately understand and are drawn to the concept of quid pro quo = exchange/reciprocation.


That's not really how biological health and disease works. Most of the determinants for your individual health/illness life are completely out of your hands, no matter how 'healthy' you perceive your lifestyle choices to be.

So do the things that help you feel how you want to feel now, but recognise that things may change for you, and go easy on your judgments of others.


Unpacking Weight Science Podcast

How about bite-sized podcasts that you can claim as professional development?!?

I've designed the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast to suit health professionals, health science students and anyone who wants to know more about human body weight, health outcomes, interpreting weight related research and the far ranging effects of weight bias.

The 20-30 minute monthly podcasts unpack different elements of weight bias & stigma, weight research, BMI, health behaviours and weight neutral approaches. Paid subscribers (only $5/month!) get instant access to the previous 15 episodes plus full show notes, reference list, self-test quiz and resource materials for use in practice. This equates to an hour of professional development activity each month :-)

Available for subscribers now is:

''Deep dive into the Look AHEAD Study: face-saving through shifting goalposts'

Ep 22: The Look AHEAD study included over 5000 people with diabetes and aimed to see whether intentional weight loss resulted in reduced chance of death. After 9 years they found it didn’t but that hasn’t stopped them singing the praises of weight loss. This episode unpacks why.

and instantly access 16 episodes before the rest of the world!

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Newcastle, New South Wales, 23 November



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