HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 17, 2019

April 26 - May 2, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Weight-loss surgery and risk of pregnancy and birth complications

by European Association for the Study of Obesity

"pregnant women with a history of weight-loss surgery should be considered as high-risk, be provided additional support throughout pregnancy, and mother and baby should be monitored closely"

It's no great surprise that surgically-induced undernutrition might have an impact on the health of offspring. Studies from dieting mothers in Japan show us that babies born to them have lower density kidney tissue which means they'll be permanently predisposed to high blood pressure, increasing their risk of stroke. Studies of women who were pregnant during famines show us that those babies went on to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in their adulthood.

It's abhorrent that many assisted fertility clinics will not accept people above a certain BMI literally leading to people desperate to be parents down the path to bariatric surgery in order to be even let in the door to fertility assistance.


How Fatphobia Prevented Me from Getting Help for My Eating Disorder

by Shira Rosenbluth

“I learned very quickly that because I wasn’t underweight, eating was optional — despite having an eating disorder. I would be praised for the exact same behaviors that were of huge concern for someone in a smaller body."

CW: account of eating disorder and denial of care due to body weight


Social media influencers are dishing out false nutrition and weight loss advice 90% of the time

by Adam Forrest

"We found that the majority of the blogs could not be considered credible sources of weight management information, as they often presented opinion as fact and failed to meet UK nutritional criteria"

Note: this is even BEFORE the scientific flaws in weight loss research and 'credible weight loss advice' are considered.


Coping when your friends, colleagues, and family are still dieting

by Meredith Noble

“We can feel empowered when we’re at home browsing body positive Instagram feeds, reading articles about fat acceptance, and practicing self-care activities. But things get much trickier when we interact with others who are not familiar with this approach to food.”


Stop the Dieting Mindset

By Dana Sturtevant

“If you woke up tomorrow and lived in a body affirming, weight-inclusive world, where you never had to worry about weight stigma and body shame, what would you want to do to take care of yourself?"


Health care’s huge cybersecurity problem

by Nicole Wetsman

“the vast majority of hospitals and physicians are unprepared to handle cybersecurity threats, even though they pose a major public health problem.”


Can Fat Thor Advance Fat Acceptance?

by Your Fat Friend

“When I left the theater, I found myself feeling numb, unsure what to make of it all. My stomach was unsettled, my muscles still tense, waiting for the blow to land. On the drive home, I pulled the movie apart to see how it worked, searching for what it was trying to say about bodies like mine."


How Lipedema Impacts This Body Positive Influencer's Tattoos

by Devon Preston

"in 2010, she learned that she had both lymphedema and lipodema—conditions which have both physical and sociological impacts on her everyday life....for Cruz, getting tattooed and healing her ink is hugely impacted by her conditions. We sat down with the self-proclaimed #lymphedemawarrior to learn her tattoo story”


Please stop praising my weight loss – and help the body positivity movement challenge deep-rooted body ideals

by Amerley Ollennu

“That person you’re complimenting could be in the throes of an eating disorder and your constant praise could encourage them to carry on abusing their body.”


My Unexpected (but Totally Worth the Wait) Journey from Diet-Obsessed to Body Positive

by Akanksha Singh

"At my largest, I suddenly discovered that I was much more than my weight. For the first time, I didn’t feel exhausted by the continuous cycle of weight watching, and I realized that being healthy wasn’t at all about vanity.”

CW: includes description of disordered eating, exercise and body image distress (including numbers) in relatively non-marginalized body prior to body liberation


Boost Your Body Acceptance For Better Health

by Maria Godoy

“Zooming in on BMI alone can add to weight stigma and actually make people avoid behaviors that promote good health, like cancer screenings or other preventative care”CW: mild weight centrism


5 Expert-Backed Ways to Be a More Body-Positive Runner

by Kiera Carter

“you’re a runner when you start running—it has nothing to do with your weight.”

CW: weight changes mentioned in context of previous weight focus


'Fat Girls Traveling' Is Making Traveling More Body-Positive and Inclusive

by Amanda Scriver

“for many, the concept of learning to take up space is new and even radical. Richmond wanted to be this guide, to fellow fat travelers like herself.”